Saturday, June 3, 2017

Gerry Mulligan - What Is There to Say ?

The last of the pianoless quartet albums that Gerry Mulligan recorded in the 1950s is one of the best, featuring the complementary trumpet of Art Farmer, bassist Bill Crow, and drummer Dave Bailey along with the baritonist/leader. This recording is a little skimpy on playing time but makes every moment count. Virtually every selection is memorable, with "What Is There to Say," "Just in Time," "Festive Minor," "My Funny Valentine," and "Utter Chaos" being the high points. Highly recommended both to Mulligan collectors and to jazz listeners who are just discovering the great baritonist.
Scott Yanow

Source :

Gerry Mulligan
What is There to Say ?
(SICP 4255)


1 What Is There to Say ? (Duke, Harburg)  4:07
2 Just in Time (Comden, Green, Styne)  4:14
3 News from Blueport (Crow)  5:07
AMG Review 4 Festive Minor (Mulligan)  6:17
5 As Catch Can (Mulligan)  3:58
6 My Funny Valentine (Hart, Rodgers)  4:10
7 Blueport (Crow, Farmer)  8:50
8 Utter Chaos (Mulligan)  4:25


Gerry Mulligan - bs
Art Farmer - tp
Bill Crow - b
Dave Bailey - dr

Recorded in New York City ; December 17 [# 7] & 23, 1958 [# 5, 6 & 8] ; & January 15, 1959 [# 1-4]


chemuski said...

Gracias melocoton, adoro a Mulligan..... y a ti.

Orbyt said...

I have this and recommend it highly.

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Un disco precioso. Gracias Mel.

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Excelente disco, como tantos otros que se pueden encontrar en tu página. Visitarla cada día se ha convertido para mi en un placer ineludible, gracias por tu generosidad.

Philo said...

Gerry Mulligan - What Is There to Say?

I agree with Orbyt.

I have this album in my collection and it is a real joy.

Emphatically recommended!

Slidewell said...

Don't pass this one over! Mulligan at his very best! Great selection of tunes.

jazzfriend said...

Maravilloso álbum, me trae muchos recuerdos, de mi juventud.

Como siempre muchas gracias y Saludos desde Chile.

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Graccias Melanchthon.Un gran disco de Mulligan en su período más creativo.

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¿Cual es la contraseña para poder bajar el disco de Mulligan?
gracias Melanchthon-

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Great Mel, this replaces my old LP, thanks

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Thanks Mel for Gerry!

Your blog rules!

best, K.

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Thank yiu, Melanchthon! With the help of our friends this one can't escape from my list.

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What a treasure-trove of a weekend dear MM! So much wonderful music - Thank you!

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Un GRACIAS ENORME por éste, unos de mis discos preferidos, así como también por Jeru.

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