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Gerald Wiggins on Swing & Vogue (Classics, 1950)

This CD has the first performances led by pianist Gerald Wiggins, all made for the French Vogue and Swing labels. Wiggins, whose highly individual style falls between swing and bop and at times hints at Erroll Garner and Art Tatum, has been an institution in the Los Angeles area for over a half-century. For these trio performances he is joined by Pierre Michelot, Buddy Banks, or Jean Boucherty on bass and Kenny Clarke (on the first two numbers) or Chico Hamilton on drums. Hamilton has a very rare (and somewhat odd) vocal on "By the River Sainte Marie." Otherwise, the focus is on Wiggins' infectious piano playing. He stretches out on such numbers as "The Wig" (his lifelong nickname), "Coffee Time," "Limehouse Blues," "Wiggin' With Wig," "All the Things You Are," and a three-part work titled "Ivan Suite," "Wig's Suite," and "Chico's Suite." Recommended.
Scott Yanow

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Gerald Wiggins
Chronological Classics


1 The Wig (Wiggins)  2:49
2 Orient Express (Wiggins)  3:00
3 Coffee Time (Wiggins)  3:11
4 Limehouse Blues (Braham, Furber)  2:52
5 S'posin' (Denniker, Razaf)  3:45
6 Saundra Lee (Wiggins)  3:25
7 Wiggin' With Wig (Wiggins)  2:56
8 By the River Sainte Marie (Leslie, Warren)  3:31
9 I Get a Kick Out of You (Porter)  3:48
10 Too Marvelous for Words (Mercer, Whiting)  3:29
11 Three Little Words (Ruby)  3:02
12 Have You Met Miss Jones ? (Hart, Rodgers)  2:52
13 Candy (David, Kramer, Whitney)  3:14
14 Why Was I Born ? (Hammerstein, Kern)  3:03
15 All the Things You Are (Hammerstein, Kern)  3:31
16 Ivan Suite/Wig Suite/Chico's Suite (Hamilton, Wiggins)  7:54


[# 1-2]
Gerald Wiggins - p
Pierre Michelot - b
Kenny Clarke - dr
Recorded in Paris ; June 7, 1950
[# 3-8]
Gerald Wiggins - p
Alvin "Buddy" Banks - b
Chico Hamilton - dr & vc [# 8 only]
Recorded in Paris ; June 26, 1950
[# 9-16]
Gerald Wiggins - p
Jean Bouchety - b
Chico Hamilton - dr
Recorded in Paris ; September 20, 1950


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