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Bud Shank & Bill Perkins

Two of the stars of cool jazz (both of whom had long careers), Bud Shank and Bill Perkins, are featured to various degrees throughout this 1998 CD reissue. Shank, who during the 1980's and 90's stuck exclusively to his increasingly passionate alto, in the 1950's was practically the epitome of West Coast jazz. His cool tones on alto and his fluid flute were utilized on many dates; the main set on this CD also finds him switching in spots to tenor and baritone. Perkins, always a versatile reed soloist, is best-known for his tenor playing but during that date he also plays alto and (on two versions of "Fluted Columns) there are some rare examples of his flute. Shank and Perkins team up quite effectively with pianist Hampton Hawes, bassist Red Mitchell and drummer Mel Lewis for the May 2, 1955 session which includes a trio feature for Hawes ("I Hear Music"). Four numbers from Feb. 19, 1956 (with Shank on flute and alto, pianist Russ Freeman, bassist Carson Smith, drummer Shelly Manne and, on "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime," Perkins on tenor) are actually from a session led by Freeman but never completed and were only put out previously on samplers. "Angel Eyes" (by a quartet with Perkins and pianist Jimmy Rowles) is a leftover track from a later date as is "Sonny Speaks" which showcases Rowles in a trio without Perkins. This CD concludes with the one surviving number ("Ain't Got A Dime To My Name") surviving from a truncated Perkins quartet set from 1958. Taken as a whole, there are many rewarding solos to be heard by Shank, Perkins and the piano players on these formerly rare selections even if the CD falls short of being classic.
Scott Yanow

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Bud Shank 
Bill Perkins
Bud Shank and Bill Perkins


1 Paradise (Brown, Clifford)  3:03
2 Fluted Columns (Shank)  4:18
3 I Hear Music (Lane, Loesser)  3:31
4 Royal Garden Blues (Williams, Williams)  3:56
5 A Sinner Kissed an Angel (David)  3:17
6 It Had to Be You (Jones, Kahn)  3:16
7 Fluted Columns [alt. take] (Shank)  3:31
8 I Hear Music [Trio Version] (Lane, Loesser)  3:25
9 Brother, Can You Spare a Dime ? (Gorney, Harburg)  4:42
10 Blues in the Night (Arlen, Mercer)   7:21
11 Bojangles of Harlem (Fields, Kern)  2:46
12 It's a New World (Arlen, Gershwin)  4:40
13 Angel Eyes (Brent, Dennis)  3:38
14 Sonny Speaks (Berman)  3:44
15 Ain't Got a Dime to My Name (Ho-Hum) (Burke, VanHeusen)  3:36


Bud Shank - fl, as, ts & bs
Bill Perkins - fl, as & ts
Hampton Hawes - p
Red Mitchell - b
Mel Lewis - dr
[# 9-12]
Bud Shank - fl & as
Bill Perkins - ts [# 9]
Russ Freeman - p
Carson Smith - b
Shelly Manne - dr
Bill Perkins - ts
Jimmy Rowles - p
Ben Tucker [# 13-14] or Leroy Vinnegar [# 15] - b
Mel Lewis - dr

Recorded at Capitol Studios, Los Angeles on May 2, 1955 [# 1-8] ; [# 9-12] at the Music Box Theatre, Los Angeles on February 19, 1956 ; [# 13-14] Los Angeles on December 11, 1956 ; [# 15] same place on May 1958.


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For some reason, always loved the cover art on this, but my old LP only consisted of 6 numbers. This is a welcome treat with lots of additional material I've never heard. Until shortly before his death, Shank ran the annual Jazz Festival at Port Townsend, Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula. He booked any number of outstanding musicians, like Nick Brignola, Ingrid Jensen and the Marriott Brothers, local talent, and of course he performed as well. An outstanding festival, beautiful location, don't know if it's still going on.

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