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Art Tatum & Buddy DeFranco Quartet

This release contains the complete original quartet session showcasing the brilliant Art Tatum with clarinet player Buddy DeFranco, plus Red Callender on bass, and Bill Douglass on drums. It was the only collaborative recording date by Tatum and DeFranco. The master takes were originally issued as The Art Tatum-Buddy DeFranco Quartet on Verve MGV-8213. For this edition, it was added all three existing alternate takes, as well as unaccompanied piano versions by Tatum of three of the album's tunes. This music constitutes one of the various pairings of Tatum with other jazz greats produced by Norman Granz in the last years of the pianist's life. Tatum was seriously ill at that time and neglected by record companies due to stylistic changes in the music industry. He would die on November 5, 1956 at the age of 47...

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Art Tatum
Buddy DeFranco


1 Deep Night (Vallee, Henderson)  5:49
2 This Can't Be Love (Rodger, Hart)  4:38
3 Memories Of You (Razaf, Blake)  7:13
4 Once in A While (Edwards, Green)  5:15
5 A Foggy Day (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:26   
6 Makin' Whoopee (Donaldson, Kahn)  3:37
7 You're Mine You (Green, Heyman)  7:04
8 Lover Man (Davis, Sherman, Ramirez)  6:40
9 Deep Night [alt. take] (Vallee, Henderson)  5:52
10 This Can't Be Love [alt. take] (Rodgers, Hart)  4:31
11 Once In A While [alt. take] (Edwards, Green)  5:07
12 This Can't Be Love (Rodgers, Hart)  2:40
13 Memories Of You (Razaf, Blake)  5:03
14 You're Mine You (Green, Heyman)  4:51


[# 1-11]
Art Tatum - p
Buddy DeFranco - cl
Red Callender - b
Bill Douglass - dr
Recorded in Los Angeles ; February 6, 1956
[# 12-14] 
Art Tatum - p
Recorded in Los Angeles ; December 28, 1953 [# 12 & 13] ; & April 22, 1954 [# 14]


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