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Art Farmer-Benny Golson Jazztet

Art Farmer-Benny Golson Jazztet was a talent-studded little band, among the finest groups of its time (1959-1962), able and willing to try anything notice the sextets exuberant romping on these two albums Here and Now, and Another Git Together recorded in 1962. They feature only the co-leaders of the original band, but the replacements trombonist Grachan Moncur III and a Harold Mabern, Herbie Lewis, Roy McCurdy rhythm section maintained the pungent blend of zest, relaxation, control and creativity that characterised the Jazztet at its best.
Crucial to this were Golsons beautifully crafted arrangements. Making deft use of the textures and colours supplied by the three-horn front line, they provided structure and stimulation in equal measure. The players responded brilliantly, with Farmer exceptional, echoing Rex Stewart's affecting horn on Ellington's "Rue Prevail" and turning in some luminous, lyrical flugelhorn on "Domino". Golsons tenor had a more assertive edge than before, notably on "Station" and "Another Git Together", offering an effective contrast to the more reflective Farmer. And Moncurs burry warmth and direct approach made for further variety in a swinging, thoroughly satisfying group.

Source :

Art Farmer
Benny Golson
Here and Now
Another Git Together


1 Tonk (Bryant)  6:44
2 Rue Prevail (Farmer)  4:21
3 Richies Dilemma (Mabern)  5:07
4 Whisper Not (Golson)  5:16
5 Just in Time (Comden, Green, Styne)  5:22
6 Ruby My Dear (Monk)  5:06
7 In Love in Vain (Kern, Robin)  7:09
8 Sonnys Back (Moncur)  4:01
9 Space Station (Moncur)  5:14
10. Domino (Ferrari, Raye, Plante)  7:03
11 Another Git Together (Poindexter, Hendricks)  6:15
12 Along Came Betty (Golson)  5:28
13 This Nearly Was Mine (Rodgers, Hammerstein II)  6:26
14 Reggie (Golson)  4:30


[# 1-8] Originally released as Mercury SR 60698
Art Farmer - tp & flghrn
Benny Golson - ts
Grachan Moncur III - tb [# 1-6 & 8]
Harold Mabern - p
Herbie Lewis - b
Roy McCurdy - dr
Recorded in New York ; February 28 & March 2, 1962
[# 9-14] Originally released as Mercury SR 60737
Same as above
Recorded in New York ; May 28 & June 21, 1962


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