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Phil Woods - Young Woods

Apart from his Prestige dates during 1956-57, Phil Woods participated as a sideman in several recording sessions for other labels, and three of them have been compiled here on this CD. The first 4 tracks come from an August '57 session headed by pianist Nat Pierce. The quintet sides, with Woods' smoothy flowing alto lines, are equally well integrated sound-wise-and on the septet tracks it's not just two horns plus rhythm, as so often is the case. The arrangements, mostly by George Roumanis, are crisp and the patterns interweave to good musical effect. Phil Woods, for his part, plays with swinging élan, demonstrating a great individuality of conception ans style. A direct, head-on musician who can also "shout" when the occasion demands, he is particularly scintillating on his own composition, "Took the Spook", named after Chan Parker's dog.

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Phil Woods
Young Woods
 (aka Altoist ! )


1 Blues in Pig Alley (Pierce)  3:08
2 Easy Living (Rainger, Robin)  3:06
3 Wailing on the Left Bank (Pierce)  2:48
4 There Will Never Be Another You (Gordon, Warren)  3:12
5 I've Got a Feelin' You're Foolin' (Brown, Freed)  4:26
6 I Hadn't Anyone 'Til You (Noble)  4:58
7 I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) (Ellington, Webster)  4:27
8 You're Driving Me Crazy (Donaldson)  4:49
9 Took the Spook (Woods)  4:28
10 Delighted (Salvador)  4:10
11 Carioca (Eliscu, Kahn, Youmans)  3:34


[# 1-4]
Phil Woods - as
Burt Collins - tp
Nat Pierce - p
Barry Galbraith - g
John Drew - b
Gus Johnson - dr
Recorded in New York Ciry ; August 1957
[# 6-8 & 11]
Phil Woods - as
Sal Salvador - g
Ralph Martin - p
Danny Martucci - b
Joe Morello - dr
Recorded in New York Ciry ;December 1957.
[# 5, 9 & 10]
Phil Woods - as
Eddie Bert - tb
Eddie Costa - vb
Sal Salvador - g
John Williams - p
Sonny Dallas - b
Jimmy Campbell - dr
Recorded in New York Ciry ;January 1957.


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