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Kenny Burrell - Guitar Forms

Though this ranks as one of arranger Gil Evans' minor achievements in the grand scheme of things, for Kenny Burrell it was a career-defining moment, one of his most individual, multifaceted, and emotionally affecting recordings. Whether playing straight-ahead and countrified blues on electric guitar, dipping into the bossa nova and brooding post-Sketches of Spain backgrounds on acoustic guitar, or interpreting classical music, Burrell quietly lets the world know that he can be as versatile as he is tasteful. Evans collectors should know that Evans' charts only appear on five of the selections. On three others, Burrell is featured with a swinging conga-accented combo that includes pianist Roger Kellaway, and Burrell goes solo on a transcribed excerpt from George Gershwin's "Prelude n° 2" for piano. What is special about this release is not so much the improved sound as the inclusion of a truckload of outtakes from the small-group sessions, which have the effect of doubling the length of the original album. All of them — four takes each of the bluesy "Downstairs" and "Breadwinner" and three of "Terrace Theme" — are worth hearing, for Burrell's invention rarely flags and what fluff there is does not upset the group's swinging rapport. The outtakes, though, are grouped by title at the end of the CD in a way that might induce fatigue ; you could shuffle the order with your programming controls and get a more listenable lineup that way.
Richard S. Ginell

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Kenny Burrell
Guitar Forms


1 Downstairs [mast. take] (Jones)  2:53
2 Lotus Land (Jones, Scott)  9:38
3 Terrace Theme [mast. take] (Benjamin)  4:02
4 Prelude n° 2 (Gershwin)  2:17
5 Moon and Sand (Engvick, Palitz, Wilder)  4:16
6 Loie (Burrell)  3:19
7 Greensleeves (Trad.)  4:12
8 Last Night When We Were Young (Arlen, Harburg)  4:34
9 Breadwinner [mast. take] (Burrell)  3:00
10 Downstairs [alt. take] (Jones)  4:11
11 Downstairs [alt. take] (Jones)  3:06
12 Downstairs [alt. take] (Jones)  2:38
13 Downstairs [alt. take] (Jones)  2:36
14 Terrace Theme [alt. take] (Benjamin)  2:59
15 Terrace Theme [alt. take] (Benjamin)  3:58
16 Terrace Theme [alt. take] (Benjamin)  4:09
17 Breadwinner [alt. take] (Burrell)  3:51
18 Breadwinner [alt. take] (Burrell)  3:49
19 Breadwinner [alt. take] (Burrell)  3:17
20 Breadwinner [alt. take] (Burrell)  3:04


[# 1, 3, 9-20]
Kenny Burrell - g
Roger Kellaway - p
Joe Benjamin - b
Grady Tate - dr
Willie Rodriguez - cng
Recorded at Van Gelder Recording Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey ; April 12, 1965
[# 4]
Kenny Burrell - g
Recorded same place as above ; possibly on April 6, 1965
[# 2, 5, 6-8]
Kenny Burrell - g
Johnny Coles or Louis Mucci - tp
Jimmy Cleveland, Jimmy Knepper - tb
Ray Alonge or Julius Watkins - frhrn
Bill Barber - tb
Bob Tricarico - fl, ts & bsn
Ray Beckenstein - fl & b cl
Andy Fitzgerald, George Marge - fl & englhrn
Steve Lacy - ss
Lee Konitz - as
Richie Kamuca - ts & ob
Ron Carter - b
Elvin Jones or Charli Persip - dr
Gil Evans - arr.
Recorded same place as above ; December 4, 1964 [# 5 & 8] ; December 15, 1964 [# 1 & 6] ; & ? [# 7]


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