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The Johnny Smith Foursome

An overlooked 50s set from guitarist Johnny Smith — one that features a piano added into his trio, hence the "foursome" in the title ! The pianist here is Bob Pancoast, who has a fluid, sometimes gentle touch on the keys — one that spins out Smith's guitar a bit more than usual, with a lyrical flair that we really like — and which is sometimes a bit of a contrast to his better-known mellow mode. The rest of the group features Knobby Totah on bass and Jerry Segal on drums...
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Johnny Smith


1 Hello, Young Lovers (Hammerstein)  4:23
2 Love For Sale (Porter)  3:50
3 The Maid With The Flaxen Hair (Debussy, arr. Smith)  1:53
4 Love Letters (Heyman, Young)  2:09
5 Tickle Toe (Young)  2:35
6 Goodbye (Jenkins)  2:12
7 Body And Soul (Green, Heyman, Eyton, Sour)  3:15
8 Lover (Rodgers, Hart)  3:22
9 The Boy Next Door (Martin, Blane)  2:30
10 Potter’s Luck (Silver)   3:38
11 Autumn Nocturne (Myron)  2:01
12 Band Aid (Freeman)  2:58


Johnny Smith - g
Bob Pancoast - p
Knobby Totah - b
Jerry Segal - dr

Recorded in New York ; March 18, 1957


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