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Jim Hall - Live ! vol. 2-4 (Toronto '75)

"When I think about those performances, I start to smile right away. We just had do much fun ! I felt like I could try anything, and somehow it would work out OK. There were all of these unusual interruptions, like the waiters singing. We just made that part of it, and it was always funny. I remember one night on "The Way You Look Tonight", I just got a silly mood and ended on kind of a hilbilly chord, a straight A major chord or something. We all just cracked up. That was the mood of those performances.
When I had played in Canada before, I would always take a bass player with me. I had gotten to know Ed Bickert, and one time I went out to Ed's place for a jam session. Don and Terry were there. After that session I said, 'Why am I bringing musicians up here to Canada ?' And that's how we hooked up. I recommended them to Paul Desmond too, when Paul was going up there to play.
Mostly I remember how much fun it was to play with Don and Terry, and I have stayed in touch with those guys ever since. Terry has been on a whole bunch of records that I have done, including the orchestral record. Don even played piano on one of our recordings. It is a connection that has really lasted."
From the booklet
Jim Hall, April 12, 2012, New York City

Jim Hall
Live !
vol. 2-4


Cd. 1

1 How Deep is the Ocean (Berlin)  11:09
2 Emily (Mandel)  6:23
3 Valse Hot (Rollins  7:10
4 Love Letters (Young)  9:27
5 Chelsea Bridge (Strayhorn)  10:05
6 Something Tells Me (Jane Hall)  7:21
7 Fly Me to the Moon (Howard)  10:32


Cd. 2

1 Secret Love (Fain)  14:56
2 Baubles, Bangles & Beads  (Wright, Forrest)  6:24
3 In a Sentimental Mood (Ellington)  5:42
4 Star Eyes (Raye, DePaul)  10:40
5 Where Would I Be ? (Jane Hall)  7:50
6 Body and Soul (Green)  10:35
7 Careful (Hall)  7:45


Cd. 3

1 Someday my Prince will come (Churchill)  9:34
2 Come Rain or Come Shine (Arlen)  12:36
3 Prelude to a Kiss (Ellington)  6:32
4 Everything I Love (Porter)  9:36
5 Blue Dove (publ. dom)  9:17
6 Embraceable You (Gershwin)/The Theme (Davis)  13:45


Jim Hall - g
Don Thompson - b
Terry Clarke - dr

Recorded in performance at Bourbon Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada ; June 11 [cd. 2] ; 12 [# cd. 1] ; 13, 1975 [# cd. 3]

I am pleased to announce the release of two new live recordings.   Live!  Vol. 2-4 features previously unreleased recordings from trio performances at Bourbon Street in Toronto, Canada. The recordings provide an additional 3 hours of music from the original Live! (Horizon) release. Featuring Don Thompson on bass and Terry Clarke on drums  Live ! Vol 2-4 was released as part of my latest Fan-Funded project. The CD case is a 150 page hardcover book with 3 audio CDs (and a fourth disc containing 24bit/48k audio files) as well as access to video and print interviews with and commentary by fellow musicians and friends such as Pat Metheny, Wilco guitarist Nels Cline, saxophonist Chris Potter, bassist Scott Colley, and others.

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