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Henri Renaud - Trio, Sextet & All Stars

Henri Renaud gained a strong reputation in the 1950's, organizing and playing on dates with many top American jazzmen who were visiting France. Renaud started on the violin when he was five, switching to piano three years later. After moving to Paris in 1946, Renaud played with tenor-saxophonist Jean-Claude Fohrenbach's group, accompanying such players as Don Byas, James Moody and Roy Eldridge during 1949-50. In 1952 he put together his own band which at different times worked with Lester Young, Sarah Vaughan and Clifford Brown. Brown recorded extensively with Renaud in 1953. In 1954 Renaud went to the United States and made a series of records (producing and playing piano) with such top American greats as Milt Jackson, J.J. Johnson, Al Cohn, Oscar Pettiford, Max Roach, Frank Foster and Bob Brookmeyer; most of the records were released on the Vogue or Swing labels. Renaud visited New York in 1959 (playing with Philly Jo Jones) but soon returned to Paris where he worked with Kenny Clarke and Buck Clayton. In 1964 he became the head of French CBS' jazz division, began producing shows for radio and television, and he largely stopped playing piano, remaining active as a record producer for decades.
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Henri Renaud
Trio, Sextet & All Stars


1 You're a Lucky Guy (Cahn)  3:45
2 You Stepped out of a Dream (Kahn)  3:35
3 It's De-Lovely (Porter)  2:52
4 Not Really the Blues (Mandel)  2:10
5 My Heart Belongs to Daddy (Porter)  4:04
6 Changing My Tune (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:58
7 I Love You (Porter)  3:05
8 Who Cares ? (Gershwin, Gershwin)  2:53
9 Sextius (Renaud)  3:32
10 Influence (Renaud)  3:40
11 Guitaristic (Thomas)  3:51
12 Imy (Renaud)  3:37
13 Dialogue (Chevalier)  3:15
14 Clockworm (Gryce)  3:16
15 Paris Je t'aime (Grey)  4:12
16 Mahogany Hall Stomp (Williams)  3:27
17 Thou Swell (Hart)  4:54
18 You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To (Porter)  5:02
19 Doctor Wiggins (Boland)  6:00


[# 1-8] Henri Renaud Trio & Jimmy Gourley
Henri Renaud - p
Jimmy Gourley - g
Pierre Michelot - b
Jean-Louis Viale - dr
Recorded in Paris ; October 5, 1953
[# 9-14] Henri Renaud Sextet
Henri Renaud - p
Christian Kellens - tb
Jean-Louis Chautemps - ts
René Thomas - g
Benoît Quersin - b
Jacques David - dr
Recorded in Paris ; June 9, 1955
[# 15-19] Henri Renaud All-Stars
New Sounds From France
Henri Renaud - p
Jean Liesse - tp
Benny Vasseur - tb
Georges Barboteu - fr hrn
Sandy Mosse - ts
André Ross - ts
William Boucaya - bs
Jean-Louis Chautemps - bs
Jimmy Gourley - g
Benoît Quersin - b
Jean-Louis Viale - dr
Francy Boland - arr.
Recorded in Paris ; April 10, 1953


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