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Gerry Mulligan - California Concerts, vol. 1 & 2 (1954)

When the original Gerry Mulligan quartet broke up, Chet Baker forged his own career with another great quartet that featured Russ Freeman. Mulligan, who had become very attached to the pianoless group idea, put together another quartet with valve trombonist Bob Brookmeyer, which continued intermittently until the early sixties. This seemed an ideal combination since both Mulligan and Brookmeyer were good pianists.This format gave each of them the opportunity to play the instrument, thereby creating two more instrument configurations for the band. By not using a trumpet player, Mulligan also avoided comparisons with his original quartet with Baker.
He did however try the original instrumentation on two occasions. ln late 1954. he briefly led a quartet with Jon Eardley and in 1958, he led another with Art Farmer. The first volume of California Concerts is greatly expanded from the first side of the original Pacific Jazz album and features the quartet of Mulligan, Eardly, Red Mitchell and original quartet drummer Chico Hamilton. The occasion was a concert on November 12, 1954 at Stockton High School in Stockton, California. The merits of the rhythm section are quite evident. Jon Eardly is wonderful surprise for those not familiar with him or those who have not listened to his work with Mulligan in years. A well-rounded and distinctive player, he has a great sense of swing and is a thoughtful, fresh improviser.
The ten tunes of this lengthy CD include all of the releasable material from that concert The first four tunes were issued on the original album. Three others appeared soon thereafter on various Pacific Jazz anthologies. "Makin’ Whoopee", "Darn That Dream"" and Mulligan’s "Ontet", which he originally wrote for his tentette, are previously unissued.
Volume two comes from a concert at Hoover High School in San Diego on December 14 1954. The concert started off with the same quartet. All six pieces by them are previously unissued and presented here for the first time. The remaining nine pieces feature the first appearance of Mulligan’s sextet. Larry Bunker, the second drummer from the original quartet, is on drums and Zoot Sims and Bob Brookmeyer are added. Although Mulligan took six months off from touring and leading a band soon after this concert, he must have liked the results of this evening very much. When he reformed his group in mid 1955, it was a sextet with the same front line. The sextet made several albums for Mercury and lasted until the end of 1956...
Michael Cuscuna, from the booklet

Gerry Mulligan
California Concerts
vol. 1


1 Blues Going Up (Mulligan)  5:32
2 Little Girl Blue (Rodgers, Hart)  5:11
3 Piano Blues (Mulligan)  5:45
4 Yardbird Suite (Parker)  6:25
5 Blues for Tiny (Mitchell)  3:35
6 Soft Shoe (Mulligan)  3:46
7 Makin' Whoopee (Kahn, Donaldson)  3:14
9 Ontet (Mulligan)  4:10
10 A Bark for Barksdale (Mulligan)  8:18


Gerry Mulligan - bs & p
Jon Eardley - tp
Red Mitchell - b
Chico Hamilton - dr

Recorded live at Stockton High School - Stockton, California ; November 12, 1954


Gerry Mulligan
California Concerts
vol. 2


1 Makin' Whoopee (Donaldson, Kahn)  3:14
2 Nights at the Turntable (Mulligan)  3:06
3 Blues for Tiny (Mitchell)  5:20
4 Frenesi (Dominguez, Whitcup)  3:16
5 Limelight (Mulligan)  3:44
6 People Will Say We're in Love (Hammerstein, Rodgers)  4:04
7 Western Union (Mulligan)  7:16
8 I Know, Don't Know How (Mulligan)  5:28
9 The Red Door (Mulligan, Sims)  7:14
10 Polka Dots and Moon Beams (Burke, VanHeusen)  6:59
11 I'll Remember April (DePaul, Johnston, Raye)  4:20
12 There Will Never Be Another You (Gordon, Warren)  5:37
13 It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) (Ellington, Mills)  3:50
14 Medley
In a Sentimental Mood
Flamingo/Moon Mist (Anderson, Ellington, Grouya, Mercer) 5:50


Gerry Mulligan - bs
Jon Eardley - tp
Bobby Brookmeyer - tb & p [# 6-14]
Zoot Sims - ts [# 6-14]
Red Mitchell - b
Chico Hamilton - dr [# 1-5]
Larry Bunker - dr [# 6-14]

Recorded at Hoover High School, San Diego, California ; December 14, 1954


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