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Eddie Bert Quartet & Quintet - Crosstown

While the original album title may be a sign of the record label getting carried away, trombonist Eddie Bert is a strong bebop trombonist like J.J. Johnson. On this session he's joined by the always superb pianist Hank Jones, plus Wendell Marshall and Kenny Clarke. Bert overdubs his horn on several tracks answering his open horn with a muted response in "Stompin' at the Savoy." He also wrote a tasty blues "I Should' a Said," a lively Latin flavored feature for overdubbed horns "See You Later," while his "Three Bass Hit" generously features Marshall. Bert's been more active as a sideman than a leader since the '50s, so this is one album that his fans need to acquire.
Ken Dryden

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Eddie Bert
Quartet & Quintet


Cd. 1

1 Fragile (Wilkins)  5:33
2 Stompin' at the Savoy (Edgar, Sampson)  3:20
3 I Should 'A' Said (Bert)  4:35
4 See You Later (Bert)  5:04
5 Three Bass Hit (Cadena)  7:38
6 What d'Ya Say ? (Cadena)  5:48
7 Billie's Bounce (Parker)  3:39
8 Bert Tram (Bert)  3:07
9 One for Tubby (Puma)  5:26
10 Opicana (Puma)  3:15
11 It's Only Sunshine (Puma)  3:23


Cd. 2

1 Crosstown* (Bert)  7:12
2 Wishbone (Bert)  6:35
3 Bronx Line (Bert)  6:56
4 Conversation* (Ferrer)  6:43
5 Manhattan Suite* (Bert)  5:40
6 Steady Eddie (Bert)  5:27
7 Slow Crosstown (Bert)  9:36


[cd. 1 - # 1-7]
Eddie Bert Quartet

Musician Of The Year, Savoy MG 12015
Eddie Bert - tb
Hank Jones - p
Wendell Marshall - b
Kenny Clarke - dr
Recorded in Hackensack, New Jersey ; May 31, 1955
[cd. 1 - # 8-11] Eddie Bert Quartet
Eddie Bert - Encore, Savoy MG 12019
Eddie Bert - tb
Joe Puma - g
Clyde Lombardi - b
Kenny Clarke - dr
Recorded in Hackensack, New Jersey ; June 22, 1955
[cd. 2] Eddie Bert Quintet
Eddie Bert - Encore*, Savoy MG 12019
Various Artists - Montage, Savoy MG 12029
Eddie Bert - tb
JR. Monterose - ts
Hank Jones - p
Clyde Lombardi - b
Kenny Clarke - dr
Recorded in Hackensack, New Jersey ; September 1, 1955
Trombonist Eddie Bert has had a long and honorable musical career but relatively few opportunities to record as a leader. He is heard in two different settings on this CD reissue ; with a pianoless quartet that includes guitarist Joe Puma and with a quintet that includes pianist Hank Jones and the complementary tenor of J.R. Monterose. The repertoire is comprised entirely of originals by either Bert or Puma but the style is very much of the era : cool-toned and lightly swinging bop. Despite the extreme brevity of this CD (under 35 minutes), the music is worth exploring.
Scott Yanow

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