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Dansez et rêvez avec Lou Bennett

American jazz organist Lou Bennett, born in Phiiadeiphiaon May 18, 1926 — he died in Paris on February 10, 1997 — was a bebop pianist prior to switching to organ in 1956 after hearing Jimmy Smith. He toured the U.S. with an organ trio between 1957 and 1959, and then moved to Paris in 1960. Bennett took Paris by storm, becoming an overnight star on the jazz scene there. ln a 1961 poll, he was voted number 1 organist over Jimmy Smith and Wild Bill Davis, and his overall popularity in France was superior to that of Count Basie, Miles Davis, and other American jazz stars. There he recorded and performed at the Blue Note with Jimmy Gourley and Kenny Clarke among others. This release contains Bennett’s second LP as a leader in its entirety : Dansez, et rêvez avec le trio Lou Bennett (RCA Victor 430.051). Presented here for the first time ever on CD, it also marks his first album in a trio format...
Joseph Jesk (2017), from the booklet

Dansez et rêvez avec le
Trio de
Lou Bennett


1 Moins que rien (Misty) (Garner)  6:44
2 Les Enfants du Pirée (Never on Sunday) (Hadjidakis)  2:26
3 Tendrement (Lawrence, Gross)  4:35
4 Clémentine (Barclay, Marbot)  2:19
5 Blues Valse (Bennett)  3:04
6 Les Voiliers (Paté, Castel)  3:34
7 Polka Dots and Moon Beams (Burke, Van Heusen)  4:21
8 Soleil de Minuit (Salvador, Jones)  3:14
9 Verte campagne (Miller Dehr, Gilkyson)  5:34
10 Le Vrai Blues (Bennett)  2:58
11 If You Were the Only Girl in the World (Gray, Ayer)  7:12
12 Wonderful, Wonderful (Raleigh, Edwards)  5:46
13 West Coast Blues (Montgomery)  5:43
14 No Smokin' (Silver)  5:18
15 Low Life (Mandel)  5:20
16 Satin Doll (Ellington, Mercer, Strayhorn)  5:20
17 What a Difference a Day Makes (Adams, Grever)  4:39


[# 1-10]
Lou Bennett - org
Elek Bacsik - g
Daniel Humair - dr
Recorded in Paris ; Summer 1960
[# 11-13]
Lou Bennett - org
René Thomas - g
Gilbert "Bibi" Rovère - b [# 11 & 12]
Benoît Quersin - b [# 13]
Charles Bellonzi - dr
Recorded at Studio Hoche, Paris ; March 23 [# 11 & 12] ; & April 20 [# 13], 1963
[# 14 & 15]
Lou Bennett - org
Jimmy Gourley - g
Kenny Clarke - dr
Recorded in Koblenz, Germany ; January 3, 1963
[# 16 & 17]
Lou Bennett - org
Jean-Marie Ingrand - b
Kenny Clarke - dr
Recorded in Cologne, Germany ; October 17, 1960


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