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Chico Hamilton Featuring Buddy Collette

This is the way the roup came about : After we made the trio records (Pacific Jazz PJ-17) I decided to add Buddy Collette to the group. In addition I had planned to use John Graas on french horn, but then ]ohn had to leave Los Angeles with the Liberace Show. About the same time I was working with Fred Katz who was then playing piano. Fred had just said to me, "Before I hang up my gloves I’d like to play a little jazz on the cello". I told him about the group I had in mind and mentioned that John was leaving town. Right then and there the idea was born. Later, John suggested Jimmy Hall. I had told John that I needed a guitarist. He said, "I’ve got a guitarist rehearsing with me. He’s here fresh from Cleveland — he reads good, plays good, and also writes." So I called Jimmy — now he’s in the group. I was very fortunate to get Carson Smith. I actually had to look hard for him. I was told he had been working at the Celebrity Room in Hollywood. Three days later I found that the club had folded right after Carson opened. I finally managed to locate him — now I had a quintet. I called a rehearsal. The guys came over to my place and we just started making with the sounds. We only had two sheets of music then — it wasn’t exactly a rehearsal, but, it was a beginning...
Chico Hamilton (Transcript of an interview with the Chico Hamilton Quintet on October 9, 1955), booklet

Chico Hamilton
Featuring Buddy Collette


1 A Nice Day (Collette)  2:55
2 My Funny Valentine (Rodgers, Hart)  4:21
3 Blue Sands (Collette)  6:36
4 The Sage (Katz)  3:37
5 The Morning After (Hamilton)  2:10
6 I Want To Be Happy (Youmans, Caesar)  2:13
7 Spectacular (Hall)  5:19
8 Free From (ad lib)  5:05
9 Walking Carson Blues (trad.)  6:15
10 Buddy Boo (Colette)  5:20


Buddy Collette - fl, as, ts & cl
Fred Katz - cel
Jim Hall - g
Carson Smith - b
Chico Hamilton - dr

Recorded at Radio Recording, Los Angeles, August 23, 1955 [# 1-5] ; & at The Strollers, Long Beach, California ; August 5, or November 11, 1955 [# 6-10]


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