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Buddy de Franco - Cooking The Blues

Buddy De Franco’s two albums Cooking  the Blues and Sweet & Lovely contain material from three different quintet sessions featuring the same personnel. In John A. Tynan’s 1958 review for Down Beat magazine, he expressed the desire to have both of the aforementioned LPs compiled in their complete form on one sole edition. His  wish has finally been granted 50 years later  on this CD !
The quartet formed by Buddy DeFranco,  Sonny Clark, Gene Wright and Bobby White  (sometimes with the addition of Tal Farlow  on guitar) Worked extensively during the  period from 1954 to 1956 (disbanding at  the end of the year). Oddly enough, most of  these musicians would never work together  again after their intensive collaborations of  the mid-1950s (Sonny Clark died in 1963 at  the premature age of 32). Gene Wright would gain renown for  his Work with the Dave Brubeck Quartet  (which he would join in 1958). The bassist  first recorded with DeFranco in 1953 (a  September 28-29 recording date with  Buddy’s big band made for Norman Granz). After the Cooking the Blues session, their  only other preserved collaborative effort consists of the soundtrack from a TV show  taped in Los Angeles in early 1956 (by the  same quartet with Sonny Clark and Bobby  White).  Sonny Clark’s first recordings with DeFranco were also made during that  September 1953 session for Granz. The  two musicians would record many albums  together in 1954, and would also participate on a European tour with a group that  included Billie Holiday that same year. Their collaborations ended in 1956, however, after  making the album Broadway Showcase. Bobby White worked with DeFranco —  frequently between 1954 (the LP Jazz  Tones, with Clark and Wright) and 1956  (the sextet album The Buddy DeFranco  Wailers). Finally, DeFranco’s association  with Tal Farlow dates back to at least 1949, when they both participated on a recording session for Capitol under DeFranco’s name. However, with the exception of the four tunes recorded that day (one of which was  never issued), they wouldn’t return to a recording studio together until the August 12, 1955 session included on Sweet and Lovely. After these sessions, their only recorded encounters are the aforementioned TV show, and a 1977 quintet album by Buddy DeFranco titled  Like Someone in Love...
Morton James (2009) from the booklet

Buddy DeFranco
Cooking The Blues
[Sweet and Lovely]


1 I Can't Get Started (Duke, Gershwin)  5:36
2 Cooking the Blues (Wright)  6:57
3 Stardust (Carmichael, Parish)  6:06
4 How About You (Freed, Lane)  6:51
5 Little Girl Blue (Hart, Rodgers)  5:07
6 Indian Summer (Dubin, Herbert)  6:47
7 Getting a Balance (Clark, DeFranco)  9:02
8 That Old Black Magic (Arlen, Mercery)  6:39
9 They Say It's Wonderful (Berlin )  7:19
10 But Beautiful (Burke, VanHeusen)  4:35
11 The Nearness of You (Carmichael, Washington)  4:54
12 What an I Say Dear (After I Say I'm Sorry ?) (Donaldson, Lyman)  4:48
13 Moe (Clark)  4:07


Buddy DeFranco - cl
Sonny Clark - p & org
Tal Farlow - g [out on # 8, 12 & 13]
Gene Wright - b
Bobby White - dr

Recorded in Los Angeles, California ; August 26, 1954 [# 1-6] ; August 12 [# 7 & 8], 26 |# 9 & 11] ; & September 1, 1954 [# 12 & 13]


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