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Bob Brookmeyer - Traditionalism Revisited

Around the time Traditionalism Revisited was recorded, there was a controversy in the jazz world, as Nat Hentoff explained in his extended original liner notes. Bebop had erupted in the mid-forties, and with it many derived forms of "modern jazz". Although the greatest figures of the modern music (Charlie Parker and Thelonious Monk, for instance) were highly respectful of their musical heritage and always admitted their roots, many critics began to disregard what began to be called "traditional" jazz. The mid-fifties, with the rising stars of John Coltrane, Miles Davis and others, was also the beginning of the LP era. Albums became longer and ceased to be collections of separate songs, becoming "conceptual works" in themselves. Most of the jazz heritage had been recorded on the old 45-rpm discs, which became collector's item and the young jazz fans didn't seem very interested in them. Although some of the old music was reissued on LP, sound quality was often an obstacle for many ears. At the same time, many "traditionalists" just tried to imitate the old records producing, as Hentoff clearly states, a somewhat sterile sound. Bob Brookmeyer's approach, instead, intended to create while playing the old tunes, to get inspired by them and produce a new thing out of the old tunes. He is backed by other talented modern stars like Jimmy Giuffre and Jim Hall, with whom Brookmeyer recorded many times under Giuffre's leadership. This wasn't Brookmeyer's only foray into this music, as he would produce a few similar albums, like Kansas City Revisited and Stretching Out.
Alice Wilson, 2009 (from the booklet)

Bob Brookmeyer


1 Louisiana (Johnson, Schafer, Razaf)  5:27
2 Santa Claus Blues (Kahn, Straight)  5:43
3 Truckin’ (Bloom, Koehler)  7:27
4 Some Sweet Day (Jackson, Rose, Olman)  4:46
5 Sweet Like This (Oliver, Nelson)  4:03
6 Jada (Carlton)  3:48
7 Don’t Be That Way (Sampson, Goodman, Parish)  4:59
8 Honeysuckle Rose (Waller, Razaf)  6:05
9 Brook’s Blues (Brookmeyer)  4:14
10 Slow Freight (Brookmeyer)  8:49
11 The Sheik Of Araby (Snyder, Wheeler, Smith)   5:01
12 Pony Express [Live Version] (Giuffre)  5:27
13 Down Home [Live Version] (Giuffre)  5:34


[# 1-11]
Bob Brookmeyer - tb & p
Jimmy Giuffre - cl, ts & b s
Jim Hall - g
Joe Benjamin - b [# 1, 2, 4-7 & 11]
Ralph Peña - b [# 3, 9 & 10]
Dave Bailey - dr
Recorded at Coastal Studios, New York City ; July 13 [# 1, 2, 4-7 & 11] ; & July 16 [# 3, 9 & 10], 1957.
[# 12-13]
Bob Brookmeyer - tb
Jimmy Giuffre - cl, ts & b s
Jim Hall - g
Recorded at "Stars of Jazz" KABC Show, Hollywood, California ; October 27, 1958.


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