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Art Van Damme - Keep Going & Blue World (feat. Joe Pass)

Accordion ? Sure ! Bohemian polkas, French musette waltzes, folk-music from many countries and of course cajun and zydeco, the music of the Mississippi delta. Additionally, there is the Argentinean tango, even though here the bandoneon is used, a little relative of the accordion, wich is very difficult to play. But accordion and jazz ? Does it really go together ?
Well, there have been a number of musicians who have played jazz on the accordion and have been very successful with it. But their names fell almost into oblivion. Joe Mooney was one of them. There was Frank Morocco and Mat Matthews. Or Johnny Meyer who, however, belonged more to the popular domain. In Germany, there were first and foremost Albert Vossen or Kubi Kretschma or the Bar-Trio, who brought into their music a swinging accordion, where there still was no distinction between jazz and dance music (an attitude recently revived with the "dancefloor jazz wave" !). The most genial of them all was surely Tommy Gumina, whose excellent recordings with Buddy DeFranco are the jazziest tunes that can be played on the accordion.
From time to time even great jazz pianist fell back upon the handy instrument ; there are accordion recordings by George Shearing, Pete Jolly and others. One of the most popular accordionists, and this for more than five decades, has been Art Van Damme...
Manfred Scheffner (Editor of the Bielfelder Jazzkatalog) Translation Andreas Mills (From the booklet)

Art Van Damme
Blue World
Keep Going
MPS - 1970


1 Turnabout (van Damme, Calzaretta)  2:22
2 Sunday Kind Of Love (Belle, Prima, Leonard, Rhodes)  2:03
3 I Want To Be Happy (Caesar, Youmans, Gravengaard)  2:12
4 Tenderly (Gross, Lawrence, Fuchsberger)  3:18
5 Gone With The Wind (Magidson, Wrubel, Bowman, Bowland)  3:22
6 Everything I've Got (Rodgers, Hart)  2:20
7 Let Yourself Down (van Damme, Doerschuk)  2:00
8 Green Dolphin Street (Kaper, Washington)  3:41
9 I Saw Stars (Sigler, Goodhart, Hoffman)  2:17
10 Small World (Styne, Sondheim)  2:15
11 It's Easy To Remember (Rodgers, Hart)  2:57
12 The Man I Love (Gershwin)  2:08
13 Blue Lou (Sampsonh, Mills)  2:40
14 It's A Blue World (Bourne)  3:10
15 My Kind Of Love (Alter, Trent)  2:32
16 Laura (Raskin, Mercer, Rainer)  4:08
17 Too Close For Comfort (Bock, Holofcener, Weiss)  2:10
18 When Your Lover Has Gone (Swan)  3:06
19 The Song Is You (Kern, Hammerstein)  2:15
20 The Things We Did Last Summer (Styne, Cahn)  3:32
21 Cheek To Cheek (Berlin, Linde, Antell)  2:40
22 On The Alamo (Jones, Kahn)  3:40
23 Jim (Petrillo, Ross, Shawn)  3:10
24 Diane (Rapee, Pollack)  2:57


Art van Damme - acc
Joe Pass - g
Heribert Thusek - vb
Eberhard Weber - bass
Kenny Clare - drums

Recorded at MPS Tonstudio, Villingen, Germany ; between June 8 & 12, 1970
Groovy stuff from this hip jazzy accordion player, and one of his rarest recordings. The set features Van Damme playing with a group that includes Heribert Tusek on vibes, Joe Pass on guitar, and Kenny Clare on drums. The vibes/accordion sound is great, and Art picked a nice batch of material to showcase the sound. 12 numbers in all, including "Blue Lou", "My Kind Of Love", "Too Close For Comfort", "The Song Is You", "The Things We Did Last Summer", "Cheek To Cheek" and "Diane".
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Source :

Tracks [# 1-12] MPS 15278, MPS/BASF CRM 737, MPS/BASF 21 20737-4, PAUSA 7104 [LP], MPS (Germany) [CD] ; [# 13-24] MPS 15277, MPS/BASF CRM 736, MPS/BASF 21 20736-6 PAUSA 7027 [LP], MPS (Germany) [CD]


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J'aaprécie les commentaire transcrits dans le message, et m'émerveille à ce qu'un tel talent soit capable de faire autant avec un instrument qui n'est pas son principal. Autre sujet de surprise est la présence de Joe Pass, mais j'aurais dû savoir qu'il apparaîtrait dans de telles circonstances. Je vous remercie hardiment.

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Hi melanchthon, I am touring your place backwards capturing things I~ve missed. Thank you for your work.

Jaffa said...

I love accordion - and I love the MPS-session by AVD which I still play a lot on vinyl: Nice to see 2 of his now rare LPs here. I still remember when nobody picked these form the bargain basement boxes at 50 pence per LP back then...

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Well, jazz has been played on stranger instruments, so this is worth a hearing.

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Thank you so much for posting these fabulous Art Van Damme / Joe Pass sides. They are just tremendous!

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Thanks a lot for this gems, as I
like this accordion-jazz very much,
as I remember names like Dick
Contino, Ernie Felice, Frank
Marocco, Joe Mooney, Johnny Meijer,
Leon Sash, Mat Matthews, Tony Argo
and not to forget the Three Suns!

Thanks for your great efforts, very
much appreciated!
Woody from Germany

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For those interested, here are the links for the "Blue World" original vinyl.

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Unfortunately, my links for the "Keep Going" LP are dead now.

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Did you know that Dutch tenorman Joe van Enkhuizen also switched to accordeon? He was a hardbop-sax player, but Van Enkhuizen is disillusioned with jazz – European musicians imitate Americans far too much, is his opinion – and by having to play clubs and festivals. He doesn’t like to peddle himself, travel long distances and having to deal with noisy audiences. He stops performin altogether and returns to the instrument of his childhood: the accordion! His best album with this instrument is "Waltz New"..... Thanks for posting these Art van Damme albums!

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