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Al Haig - Trio & Sextets

Bop pianist Al Haig was unfortunately overlooked, with few opportunities to record for a long stretch in the middle of his career. Fortunately, this Original Jazz Classics compilation highlights several sessions recorded between 1949 and 1954 for Period. The first eight tracks feature bassist Bill Crow and drummer Lee Abrams, where Haig's light touch is especially of interest. A number of these pieces were recorded by Art Tatum, but Haig puts his own stamp on them, inserting a humorous bit of "Sing, Sing, Sing!" into an easygoing "Taboo" (to contrast with Tatum's showstopping virtuoso arrangement) and offering a rambunctious bop treatment of "Just You, Just Me" as a quicky. Four tracks feature Haig in a group with tenor saxophonist Wardell Gray and guitarist Jimmy Raney, with vocalist Terry Swope scatting in unison on two of them. Best is Haig's potent original "In a Pinch." Stan Getz is present (along with Raney) on the last four selections, including a breezy take of Haig's "Skull Buster" (a transparent reworking of "[Back Home Again In] Indiana") and the pianist's lighthearted "Poop Deck." Released as a limited-edition reissue in 2000, bop fans are advised not to tarry if interested in this excellent compilation of Al Haig's early recorded efforts.
Ken Dryden

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:3bfrxqykldse

Al Haig
Trio & Sextets
(Feat. Stan Getz & Wardell Gray)


1 Just One of Those Things (Porter)  3:59
2 Yardbird Suite (Parker)  3:06
3 Taboo (Lecuona, Russell)  2:44
4 Mighty Like a Rose (Nevin, Stanton)  4:51
5 S'Wonderful (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:37
6 Just You, Just Me (Greer, Klages)  1:52
7 The Moon Was Yellow (Ahlert, Leslie)  2:48
8 'Round Midnight (Hanighen, Monk, Williams)  5:21
9 Sugar Hil (Unknown)  2:34
10 Five Star (Raney)  2:54
11 It's the Talk of the Town (Livingston, Neiburg, Symes)  3:09
12 In a Pinch (Haig)  3:08
13 Skull Buster (Haig)  2:26
14 Ante Room (Raney)  2:46
15 Poop Deck (Haig)  2:52
16 Pennies from Heaven (Burke, Johnston)  3:20


[# 1-8] Al Haig Trio (Period, SPL 1118)
Al Haig - p
Bill Crow - b
Lee Abrams - dr
Recorded in New York ; March 13, 1954
[# 9-12] Highlights in Modern Jazz. Al Haig feat. Stan Getz & Wardell Gray (Seeco SPL 7)
* [# 9-12]
Wardell Gray - ts
Jimmy Raney - g
Al Haig - p
Tommy Potter - b
Charlie Perry - dr
Terry Swope - vcl [# 13-16]
Recorded in New York ; April 1949
* [# 13-16]
Stan Getz - ts
Jimmy Raney - g
Al Haig - p
Gene Ramey - b
Charlie Perry - dr
Carlos Vidal - cng dr
Recorded in New York ; May 12, 1949


BigD said...

Thanks Mel,

I'm a huge Al Haig fan and haven't ever come across this LP. I loved him with Bird and loved him with Getz and his stuff from the 70's is great old school bop too. He has such a great touch and unique style. I don't know where you find these, but thanks a million.

Miklos said...

Thank you. I'm a big fan of Al Haig and haven't listened to these two records you posted before. Can't wait to listen to these.

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Thank you for posting this great Al Haig side. I'm enjoying it very much.

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Thanks a lot. Great post.

Neal said...

I'm not sure it gets much better than the March 1954 session of Al Haig on these 2 cds! Masterful playing, a bit like bop style and invention meet a Teddy Wilson like delicacy and beauty of tone. Thanks!

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thank you melanchthon. wardell with haig and getz will be great to hear these fabled players.

cvllos said...

Congratulations, Melanchthon!
A wonderful recording but Ken Dryden forgot Haig's interpretation on Round Midnight; gorgeous!

John Pickworth said...

Many thanks for this.
I just dug out Al Haig Piano Originals-Recorded Solos.
I bought this in the early 60's in Hamilton,New Zealand.
I paid one shilling !

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Thanks for this great Al Haig album.

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Al Haig: checked. Stan Getz: checked. Jimmy Raney: checked. This must be historical. Thanks a lot Mel.

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I have very little Haig stuff so this is really cool to get. Thank you Mel!

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