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The Polyhedric Buddy Collette

A rare European date from reedman Buddy Collette — and arguably one of his hippest albums ever ! The set was recorded in Milan in 1961, and features a great lineup not only of Italian players, but which also includes the legendary Duško Gojković on trumpet — bringing in a nicely harder sound next to Buddy's work on flute and alto sax! Tracks have a well-arranged feel – the tighter structures of the Italian jazz scene of the time, but with sharper edges than Buddy's 50s work in LA — and given that Collette wrote nearly every number on the set, the album's a great discovery of his deep talents as a writer. In addition to Gojković on trumpet, other musicians include Renato Sellani on piano, Dino Piana on trombone, Jimmy Pratt on drums, Gianni Basso on tenor, and Franco Cerri on guitar [and bass] — and Armshed Shobey plays a bit of bongos on a few tracks, adding in a nicely exotic feel. Titles include "Skater For Mater", "Blues", "A Taste Of Fresh Air", "Pickford Street", "Paddy", and "Blues For Nicola".
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Buddy Collette
Buddy Collette


1 Orfeo Negro (Maria, Llenas, Bonfa, Camus)  2:35
2 Blues For Nicola (Collette)  4:30
3 Mounya Labeli Matatoo (Collette)  5:15
4 Paddy (Collette)  4:10
5 A Taste Of Fresh Air (Collette)  4:00
6 Pickford Street (Collette)  4:20
7 Skater For Mater (Collette)  3:30
8 Blues (Collette)  5:15


[# 1 & 3]
Buddy Collette - fl
Dino Piana - tb
Renato Sellani - p
Norman Shobey - tub
Armshed Sobey - bg
Franco Cerri - b
Jimmy Pratt - dr
[2 & 5]
Buddy Collette - as
Duško Gojković - tp
Franco Cerri - g
Renato Sellani - p
George Joyner - b
Jimmy Pratt - dr
[# 4 & 6]
Buddy Collette - as & fl
Duško Gojković - tp
Renato Sellani - p
Franco Cerri - b
Jimmy Pratt - dr
[# 7 & 8]
Buddy Collette - cl & fl
Gianno Basso - cl & ts
Renato Sellani - p
George Joyner - b
Jimmy Pratt - dr

Recorded in Milan (Italy) ; March 10, 1961 [# 2, 4-6] ; March 15, 1961 [# 1 & 3] ; & March 20, 1961 [# 7 & 8]


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