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The Dual Role of Bob Brookmeyer

Bob Brookmeyer's got a dual role here — not just working in two different groups, but also on two different instruments as well ! The record's a wonderful early example of the sense of space and timing that instantly made Brookmeyer one of the freshest talents of his generation — beautifully blown notes on valve trombone, and some equally sublime sounds on piano too. Half the record has Bob leading a quartet with the great Jimmy Raney on guitar – on titles that include "Rocky Scotch", Under The Lilacs", and "Potzebrie" — and the other half features a quartet led by Teddy Charles on vibes with Bob on trombone...
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The Dual Role of
Bob Brookmeyer


1 Rocky Scotch (Brookmeyer)  4:40
2 Under the Lilacs (Brookmeyer)  5:07
3 They Say It's Wonderful (Berlin)  5:49
4 Potrezebie (Raney)  4:49
5 Revelation (Mulligan)  5:46
6 Star Eyes (DePaul, Raye)  4:29
7 Nobody's Heart (Hart, Rodgers)  4:25
8 Loup-Garou (Charles)  4:38


[# 1-4]
Bob Brookmeyer - tb
Jimmy Raney - g
Teddy Kotick - b
Mel Lewis - dr
Recorded in Hackensack, New Jersey, June 30, 1955
[# 5-8]
Bob Brookmeyer - tb
Teddy Charles - vb
Ed Shaughnessy - dr
Nancy Overton - vcl [on # 7 only]
Recorded in New York City, January 6, 1954


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