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René Urtreger Joue Bud Powell

René Urtreger was only 20 years old and brand new to the jazz scene at the time of his debut recording, yet he was already making an impression. His tribute to Bud Powell finds him playing bop with some authority, covering some of the troubled genius' best compositions. Accompanied by bassist Benoit Quersin and drummer Jean-Louis Viale, Urtreger shows a tendency to tackle nearly everything at a moderate tempo, though it might have been that his rhythm section wasn't up to handling a faster pace. "So Sorry Please" is full of campy humor as Powell intended, though "Parisian Thoroughfare" would have benefited from a bit more risk-taking. Urtreger's two original works include the roller coaster "À la Bud" (which seems to be based on the chord changes of "Tea for Two") and the stunning ballad "Mercedes." The CD is rather short, timing in at just over 24 minutes, but the mid-line pricing of this Jazz in Paris CD reissue makes it very affordable.
Ken Dryden

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/album/jazz-in-paris-joue-bud-powell-mw0000225353

René Urtreger
Bud Powell


1 Dance of the Infidels (Powell)  3:09
2 Budo (Davis, Powell)  3:17
3 Parisian Thoroughfare (Powell)  3:37
4 So Sorry Please (Powell)  3:07
5 Bouncing with Bud (Powell)  2:45
6 À la Bud (Urtreger)  2:12
7 Mercedes (Urtreger)  3:04
8 Celia (Powell)  2:56

René Urtreger - p
Benoît Quersin - b
Jean-Louis Viale - dr

Recorded at Studio Pathé-Magellan, Paris ; February 24, 1955


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