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Milt Bernhart - The Horns

Milt Bernhart (1926-2004) grew up as a musician playing in the bands of Boyd Raeburn, Buddy Franklyn, Jimmy James and Teddy Powell. After that peculiar apprenticeship he joined Stan Kenton's band. The years with Kenton boosted Bernhart to considerable popularity with jazz followers, and his solos won him repeated high placings in Down Beat’s readers’ poll. After that, he was a graduate of the Kenton school of higher learning. But, for the most part, musicians are born, not made, and the notes Milt blew, the phrasing and imagination he so vividly demonstrated, could not have been easily picked up in any learned institution. With this particular group, nucleus of the West Coast school of jazz, he contributed more than his share to its new sounds and seemingly fantastic thought processes. This CD includes some of the most inspired trombone playing since the invention of that venerable instrument.

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Milt Bernhart
The Horns
His Octet and His Brass Ensemble


1 Scarf Dance (Giuffre)  3:33
2 Ballade (Giuffre)  2:43
3 Safari (Davis, Ramirez)  2:26
4 Lover Man (Giuffre)  3:10
5 The Horns (Giuffre)  3:04
6 Lavender (Giuffre)  3:05
7 Tangerine (Mercer, Schertzinger)  2:31
8 What Is There To Say (Harburg, Duke)  3:08
9 Lullaby of Birdland (Shearing)  2:13
10 London in July (Duke)  2:51
11 Save Your Chops (Candoli)  2:21
12 Amor Flamenco (Almeida)  3:29
13 It’s All Right With Me (Porter)  3:34
14 Looking For A Boy (Gershwin, Gershwin)  2:32
15 Southern Comfort (Candoli)  2:21
16 Hillside (Previn)  3:05
17 Hooray For Hollywood (Mercer, Whiting)  2:08


[# 1-4] Milt Bernhart and his Octet
Shorty Rogers - tp
Milt Bernhart - tb
Bud Shank - fl & as
Bob Cooper - ob & ts
Jimmy Giuffre - ts & bs
Pete Jolly - p
Curtis Counce - b
Irv Kluger - dr
Recorded in Hollywood, California ; September 14, 1954.
[# 5-8] Milt Bernhart and his Brass Ensemble
Shorty Rogers, Ray Linn - tp
Maynard Ferguson - euph
Milt Bernhart - tb
John Graas - frhrn
Ray Siegel - tb
Jack Marshall - g
Red Mitchell - b
Irv Kluger - dr
Recorded in Hollywood, California ; March 4, 1955.
[# 9-12]
Same personnel as above, except
Pete Candoli - tp, - replaces Ray Linn
Recorded in Hollywood, California ; March 6, 1955.
[# 13-17]
Same personnel but Ray Linn, Paul Sarmento and Irv Cottler replace Shorty Rogers, Ray Siegel and Irv Kluger
Recorded in Hollywood, California ; March 8, 1955

Arrangements by Jimmy Giuffre [# 1-6], Wes Hensel [# 7-8], Pete Candoli [# 9,10 & 15]
Pete Rugolo [# 11-12], Andre Previn [# 14 & 16] and Shorty Rogers [# 13 & 17]


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