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Johnny Smith - Moonlight in Vermont

Johnny Smith's best-known album, 1952's Moonlight in Vermont (also the title of his signature song), assured the guitarist a place in jazz history. While saxophone legend Stan Getz is a prominent guest on the record, and certainly threatens to steal the show on numerous occasions, the spotlight never strays too far from Smith, who easily entrances with his supremely laid-back style. Consisting almost entirely of standards, it's ideal for lulling listeners to sleep — in the most pleasing sense — as Smith's spare, chiming, six-string lines gently mesh with the subtle rhythmic backing and Getz's resonant sax playing, as revealed on lilting renditions of "Where or When" and "Stars Fell on Alabama." Of course, the title track is the main attraction of the disc, garnering its reputation with gorgeously delicate work by the entire ensemble. The epitome of Smith's mesmerizing, soporific style of jazz, Moonlight in Vermont is all that most listeners will need by this amiable artist.
Eric Schneider

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Johnny Smith
Moonlight in Vermont


1 Where or When (Hart, Rodgers)  2:26
2 Tabu (Lecuona, Russell, Stillman)  2:41
3 Moonlight in Vermont (Blackburn, Suessdorf)  3:14
4 Jaguar (Smith)  2:33
5 Stars Fell on Alabama (Parish, Perkins)  3:04
6 Tenderly (Gross, Lawrence)  3:25
7 I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You (Crosby, Washington, Young)  3:10
8 Vilia (Lehar)  2:42
9 Cavu (Smith)  2:13
10 I'll Be Around (Wilder)  2:45
11 Yesterdays (Harbach, Kern)  2:52
12 Cherokee (Noble)  2:48


[# 1-4]
Johnny Smith - g
Stan Getz - ts
Sanford Gold - p
Eddie Safranski - b
Don Lamond - dr
Recorded in New York ; March 11, 1952
[# 7 & 8]
Same as above, except
Zoot Sims - ts, replaces Getz
Recorded in New York ; April, 1952
[# 5-6]
Johnny Smith - g
Stan Getz - ts
Bob Carter - b
Morey Feld - dr
Recorded in New York ; November, 1952
[# 9-10]
Johnny Smith - g
Zoot Sims - ts
Arnold Fishkin - b
Don Lamond - dr
Recorded in New York ; July, 1953
[# 11-12]
Same as above, except
Paul Quinichette - ts, replaces Sims
Recorded in New York ; August, 1953


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