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John Graas - Jazz-Lab [The John Graas Project #4]

One of the most overlooked musicians considered to be a part of the so-called cool school is John Graas, who initially played French horn in a classical setting then switched to jazz for good in 1946. This Lone Hill Jazz compilation gathers most of the tracks from his two Decca LPs, Jazz Lab 1 and Jazz Lab 2 (with a missing cut added to a later compilation by the label), featuring musicians like Herb Geller, Dave Pell, Jimmy Giuffre, Marty Paich, Curtis Counce, Gerald Wiggins, Jack Montrose, Paul Chambers, and Philly Joe Jones over the five sessions heard in this collection. In addition to the leader's compositions, the various small groups delve into standards and works by the bandmembers. Graas' classical background is apparent on most of the songs, though the music is consistently swinging and never overly arranged. Fran Kelley's detailed original liner notes are included. John Graas' death from a sudden heart attack at age 37 in 1962 cut short a promising career ; the reappearance of this long unavailable music on this compilation CD should be welcome news to fans of mid-'50s cool jazz.
Ken Dryden

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:kpfyxqusldke

John Graas
vols. 1-2
[The John Graas Project #4]


1 Minor Call (Graas, Liberace)  5:02
2 Mozartesque (Graas)  2:39
3 Le Chasse (Loe) 2:56
4 Friar Tuck (Graas) 2:20
5 Canon Ball (Graas)  3:46
6 Pick Yourself Up (Fields, Kern)  2:42
7 Jazz Sections from Symphony N° 1 in F Minor : Andante (Grass)  2:57
8 Jazz Sections from Symphony N
° 1 in F Minor : Allegretto (Graas)  4:39
9 Softly the Horn Blows (Rogers)  2:41
10 Lighthouse 6/4 (Graas)  3:06
11 Love Me or Leave Me (Donaldson, Kahn)  3:33
12 Cluster [PM Out] (Graas)  6:07
13 Mood [BP Out] (Graas)  3:22
14 Three Line Blues (Montrose)  6:33
15 Chuggin' (Graas)  2:51
16 Trio [GW, LB Out] (Graas)  3:05
17 Canon-Friar [JM Out] (Graas)  5:32
18 Be My Guest (Rogers)  5:02
19 Lady Like (Graas)  2:46
20 Sequence (Graas)  3:34
21 Blue Haze (Graas)  3:55


[# 1, 5, 7, 8 & 10]

Bob Enevoldsen - tb
John Graas - flghrn
Herb Geller - as 
Dave Pell - ts 
Claude Williamson - p 
Howard Roberts - g 
Curtis Counce - b 
Larry Bunker - dr
Recorded Los Angeles ; November 28, 1955
[# 2, 9 & 18] JOHN GRAAS NONETET
Don Fagerquist - tp 
John Graas - flghrn 
Herb Geller - as 
Dave Pell - ts 
Jimmy Giuffre - cl & bs 
Red Norvo - vb 
Claude Williamson - p
Howard Roberts - g 
Curtis Counce - b 
Larry Bunker - dr 
Recorded Los Angeles ; December 12, 1955
[# 3-4 & 6]
Bob Enevoldsen - tb
John Graas - flghrn 
Herb Geller - as 
Dave Pell - ts 
Ronnie Lang - as, bs & fl 
Marty Paich - p 
Howard Roberts - g 
Curtis Counce - b
Larry Bunker - dr
Recorded Los Angeles ; January 9, 1956
[# 11, 14-16, 19-21]
John Graas - flghrn 
Jack Monterose - ts
Gerald Wiggins - p 
Buddy Clark - b 
Larry Bunker - dr
Recorded Los Angeles ; June 19, 1956
[# 12-13 & 17]
John Graas - flghrn 
Jack Monterose & Bill Perkins - ts 
Paul Moer - p 
Paul Chambers - b 
Philly Joe Jones - dr
Recorded Los Angeles ; January 21, 1957


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