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Joe Pass - Virtuoso #2

Virtuoso #2, the second of Joe Pass' solo guitar albums for Pablo, finds the remarkable Pass exploring more recent standards than one might expect. In addition to a few warhorses, there is also "Feelings" (which he somehow manages to make tolerable), "If," two Chick Corea songs ("Five Hundred Miles High" and "Windows") and even "Giant Steps." Pass' mastery of the guitar is obvious throughout this enjoyable set.
Scott Yanow

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Joe Pass
Virtuoso #2


1 Giant Steps (Coltrane)  3:35
2 Five Hundred Miles High (Corea)  6:20
3 Grooveyard (Perkins)  4:46
4 Misty (Burke, Garner)  5:25
5 Joy Spring (Brown, Hendricks)  5:10
6 Blues for O.P. (Pass)  4:21
7 On Green Dolphin Street (Kaper, Washington)  7:43
8 Windows (Corea)  5:56
9 Blues for Basie (Pass)  3:39
10 Feelings (Albert)  3:58
11 If (Gates)  5:07
12 Limehouse Blues (Braham, Furber)  3:09


Joe Pass - g

Recorded at RCA Studios, Los Angeles ; September 14 & October 26, 1976


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