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Jimmy Giuffre - New Forms in Jazz

These were Jimmy Giuffre's first recordings as a leader. A native of Dallas, TX, Giuffre developed his chops in the reed sections of postwar big bands led by Boyd Raeburn, Jimmy Dorsey, Buddy Rich, and Woody Herman. Everything reissued here was recorded in Hollywood, CA. Giuffre was surrounded by excellent musicians : alto saxophonist Bud Shank, pianist Russ Freeman, bassists Ralph Peña and Curtis Counce, drummers Artie Anton and Shelly Manne, trumpeter Jack Sheldon, valve trombonist Bob Enevoldsen, and Shorty Rogers blowing the flügelhorn. The material is profoundly positive, smoothly inventive, and at times exquisitely relaxing. The cool and pleasantly eccentric ideas, the velvety and whimsical or animated, angular elements bring to mind Gerry Mulligan's masterpiece album What Is There to Say ? and the brilliant accomplishments of Lennie Tristano, Warne Marsh, and Lee Konitz. This music is very friendly and accessible. Some unusual combinations of notes seem to have been deliberately engineered in order to stand apart from conventional notions of musicality. And that's a good thing.
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Jimmy Giuffre
New Forms in Jazz
(Complete Capitol Recordings)


1 Do It ! (Giuffre)  3:17
2 All For You (Giuffre)  2:46
3 I Only Have Eyes For You (Warren, Dubin)  6:14
4 Four Brothers (Giuffre)  3:13
5 Sultana (Giuffre)  2:50
6 Nutty Pine (Giuffre)  3:10
7 Wrought Of Iron (Giuffre)  2:48
8 Someone To Watch Over Me (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:07
9 A Ring-Tail Monkey (Giuffre)  2:33
10 Iranic (Giuffre)  4:47
11 Scintilla One (Giuffre)  0:54
12 Finger Snapper (Giuffre)  2:35
13 Lazy Tones (Giuffre)  4:10
14 Scintilla Two (Giuffre)  2:27
15 Chirpin’ Time (Giuffre)  5:47
16 This is My Beloved (Duke)  3:30
17 The Leprechaun (Giuffre)  6:35
18 Scintilla Three (Giuffre)  1:38
19 Rethoric (Giuffre)  3:25
20 Scintilla Four (Giuffre)  2:52


[# 1-3] Jimmy Giuffre - Capitol T549
Jimmy Giuffre - cl, ts & bs
Jack Sheldon - tp
Russ Freeman - p
Curtis Counce - b
Shelly Manne - dr
Recorded in Hollywood ; February 19, 1954
[# 4-7] Jimmy Giuffre - Capitol T549
Jimmy Giuffre - cl, ts & bs
Jack Sheldon - tp
Shorty Rogers - flgh
Bob Enevoldsen - tb
Bud Shank - as
Ralph Peña - b
Shelly Manne - dr
Recorded in Hollywood ; April 15, 1954
[# 8-20] Tangents in Jazz - Capitol T634
Jimmy Giuffre - cl, ts & bs
Jack Sheldon - tp
Ralph Peña - b
Artie Anton - dr
Recorded in Hollywood ; January 31 [# 8-9]  ; & June 6,7 & 10 [# 11-20], 1955

Jimmy Giuffre set forth with these 1954-1955 sessions a bold new form for improvised music. In all, it was touted by many influential figures as one of the most stimulating contributions to first-rate modern jazz literature. In these, his first recordings as a leader, Giuffre shows a fine versatility, a communicative emotion and the ability to swing that made him a respected soloist on tenor, baritone and clarinet. Fifty years later, there’s still some fascinating listening enjoyment here, and there will be for quite a while to come.

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