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Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars - vol. 6

All of the recordings by Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars are easily recommended to fans of bop and West Coast jazz. This CD reissue is as good as any of their dates, featuring a particularly strong lineup : trumpeter Conte Candoli, either Frank Rosolino or Stu Williamson on trombone, altoist Bud Shank, tenor saxophonist Bob Cooper, pianist Claude Williamson, bassist Rumsey, and drummer Stan Levey. With the exception of three Cooper originals, most of the songs hark back to the swing era (including "Isn't It Romantic," "East of the Sun" and "Dickie's Dream"), but the solos and arrangements were modern for 1955. Recommended.
Scott Yanow

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Howard Rumsey
Lighthouse All-Stars
vol. 6


1 Who's Sleepy (Cooper)  3:08
2 Isn't It Romantic ? (Hart, Rodgers)  3:12
3 Mad at the World (Cooper)  3:26
4 East of the Sun (Bowman)  4:04
5 Long Ago (And Far Away) (Gershwin, Kern)  6:28
6 Sad Sack (Shank)  5:45
7 If I Should Lose You (Rainger, Robin)  2:46
8 Prelude to a Kiss (Ellington, Gordon, Mills)  4:22
9 Dickie's Dream (Basie, Young)  7:05


Howard Rumsey - b
Frank Rosolino - tb [# 1, 3 & 6]
Stu Williamson - tb [# 5 & 9]
Conte Candoli - tp
Bud Shank - as & fl [# 1, 3 & 6]
Bob Cooper - ts
Claude Williamson - p
Stan Levey - dr

Recorded in Hollywood, California ; December 3, 1954 [# 1, 3 & 6] ; February 22, 1955 [# 5 & 9] ; March 1, 1955 [other selections]


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