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Gary Burton - Conception

Gary Burton, the astonishing virtuoso of the vibraphone. A child prodigy who achieved renown among musicians who marveled at his dazzling technique and originality of conception. Throughout a long career that traversed Nashville, George Shearing, Stan Getz, psychedelia, improvisation, freejazz, jazz rock and fusion, he retained a creative disposition ; looking always to broaden his musical horizon and to push the boundaries of musical convention. Burton's innovations include the revival and adaptation of the use of a four mallet technique which enabled him to significantly increase the scope of his sound.
That the iconic countrypolitan guitarist and producer Chet Atkins was responsible for signing Burton to his first recording contract, is testament to the universality of his musical appeal.
This two cd set, comprises, Gary's 1961 debut LP as leader, New Vibe Man In Town (with Gene Cherico and Dave Brubeck's drummer Joe Morello), the second album, Who is Gary Burton ? (with Chris Swansen, Phil Woods, Bob Brookmeyer, Clark Terry, Morello, John Neves and Tommy Flanagan) that followed a year later, and historic sessions of the same era in which the vibist participated : The Nashville All-Stars' After The Riot at Newport, the impromptu live date recorded on the back porch of arented mansion after the group of eight Nashville musicians, including the guitarists Chet Atkins and Hank Garland, the pianist Floyd Cramer and the 17 year-old Burton, had arrived at the Rhode Island festival at which they were due to appear to find the event in disarray because of an unruly crowd. Another auspicious occasion, and the fourth album of this edition, is Hank Garland's superlative Jazz Winds From A New Direction, the jazz debut of this most predominant of all Nashville session guitarists. Garland's group consists of Burton, bassist Joe Benjamin and Joe Morello. Burton and Garland are in perfect, at times, awe-inspiring synchronicity on what has come to be regarded as one of the definitive jazz guitar statements.
Completing the package is Floyd Cramer's million-selling single, "Last Date", on which Gary provides a simple accompaniment. The record reached number two on the Billboard chart. The single that kept it from the topspot was Elvis Presley's "Are You Lonesome Tonight"...

Source :

Gary Burton
Anthology Of Landmark Early Years


Cd. 1

1 Storm (Swansen)  4:17
2 I've Just Seen Her (Adams, Strouse)  4:18
3 Fly Time Fly (Sigh) (Gibbs)  4:30
4 Conception (Shearing)  4:03
5 Get Away Blues (Swansen)  5:42
6 My Funny Valentine (Rodgers, Hart)  5:27
7 One Note (Byard)  4:54
8 All the Things You Are (Hammerstein, Kern)  4:28
9 Three-Four, The Blues (Garland, Burton)  4:01
10 Move (Best, Walsh)  4:28
11 Always (Berlin)  4:35
12 Riot-Chous (Randolph, Garland)  7:53
13 Relaxing (Guinn)  6:13
14 It's Love, Of Course (Lewis, Godfrey, Harris, Scott)  2:49
15 Not For Me (Wynert)  2:41
16 Pop Goes the Weasel (trad.)  2:11
17 Unless You're in Love (O'Connell)  3:07
18 Rainy Afternoon (Burton)  2:46


Cd. 2

1 Joy Spring (Brown)  3:42
2 Over the Rainbow (Harburg, Arlen)  4:24
3 Like Someone in Love (Burke, VanHeusen)  3:07
4 Minor Blues (Mardin)  5:32
5 Our Waltz (Rose)  4:32
6 So Many Things (McPartland)  4:17
7 Sir John (Mitchell)  4:13
8 You Stepped out of a Dream (Brown, Kahn)  4:33
9 Relaxin' (Guinn)  11:09
10 Nashville To Newport (Atkins)  3:17
11 Opus De Funk (Silver)  6:13
12 'S Wonderful (Gershwin, Gershwin)  4:34
13 'Round Midnight (Monk)  4:37
14 Frankie and Johnny (Trad.)  3:35
15 Riot-Chous (Randolph, Garland)  9:00
16 Last Date (Cramer)  2:27


[Cd. 1, # 1-7] Gary Burton, Who Is Gary Burton ?
Gary Burton - vb
Clark Terry - tp
Bob Brookmeyer - tb
Phil Woods - as
Tommy Flanagan - p
John Neves - b
Joe Morello - dr
Recorded at RCA Votcor's Studio A, New York City ; September 14 & 15, 1962
[Cd. 1, # 8-13] Hank Garland With The All-Stars: Jazz Winds From A New Direction
Hank Garland - g
Gary Burton - vb
Joe Benjamin - b
Joe Morello - dr
Recorded at the Bradley Film and Recording Studio, Nashville ; August 23, 1960
[Cd. 1, # 14-18] Hank Garland's Quintet: Selections from Subtle Swing
Hank Garland - g
Gary Burton - vb
Bob Moore - b
Bill Pursell - p
Doug Kirkham - dr
Recorded same place as above ; August 29 & 30, 1960
[Cd. 2, # 1-8] Gary Burton, New Vibe Man in Town, RCA-Victor (LSP 2420)
Gary Burton - vb
Gene Cherico - b
Joe Morello - dr
Recorded at Webster Hall, New York ; July 6 & 7, 1961
[Cd. 2, # 9-16] The Nashville All-Stars
Featuring Boots Randolph, Gary Burton, Hank Garland, Brenton Banks, Bob Moore, Buddy Harman, Chet Atkins, Floyd Cramer.
Recorded at Newport Rhode Island ; July 4, 1960
[Cd. 2, # 16] Floyd Cramer
Floyd Cramer - p
Gary Burton - vb
Bob Moore - b
Buddy Harman - dr
Recorded at RCA Victor Studio, Nashville ; July 12, 1960


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