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Eddy Louiss - Bohemia After Dark

On the surface [...] nothing seemed to tie this unlikely trio together. Eddy Louiss may have been the all comers champion of the Hammond organ, but he was 15 years younger than Jimmy Gourley ; and Kenny was 27 years his senior. Eddy was Parisian, and had been raised to the sounds of popular music (his father played trumpet); Kenny Clarke was an Afro-American who'd seen the best of Minton’s, times when, with Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie for company, he'd contributed to the progress of the bebop revolution ; as for guitarist Jimmy Gourley, another exile from the New World, he had a style which, even though it descended from bop, had distanced itself from its orthodoxy. In all logic, each would have acquired only his own understanding of jazz, yet... it's impossible to detect the slightest pause in the moving Ishould care, in Bag’s groove, in Bohemia after dark, nor the least interruption in the unfolding of I'm getting sentimental overyou, in which Eddy exercises the generous lyricism which is now his trademark. Jazz can wield that kind of magic over those who progress, over musicians with respect and esteem for each other. The organist never denied his debt to Kenny : “Kenny Clarke was an extraordinary drummer who forced me into ever greater control over myself, just by the strength of his music. He was a sort of spiritual father to me [...] With his drums he had a very personal way of answering me, saying yes or no. With him, every night, I tried to breathe his way. That’s what music is.” As for Jimmy Gourley, he'd have this to say about the organist : “For two years we had Eddy Louiss with us, and it was tremendous [...] he taught me a great deal. I thought l knew a lot, and I discovered I didn't know a third of the things he knew.” Kenny, of course, remained silent — he never talked much, everybody knew that — but is there any greater evidence of his approval than the length of their association ?
Alain Tercinet, from the booklet

Eddy Louiss
Bohemia After Dark
[aka Orgue, vol. 2 ]


1 Bohemia After Dark (Pettiford)  5:58
2 I Should Care (Cash, Stordahl, Weston)  7:18
3 Bags' Groove (Jackson)  5:31
4 Ow (Gillespie)  5:51
5 I'm Getting Sentimental Over You (Washington, Bassman)  7:13
6 Angel Eyes (Brent, Denis)  4:20


Eddy Louiss - org
Jimmy Gouley - g
Guy Pedersen - b [# 1, 3 & 6]
Kenny Clarke - dr

Recorded at Studio Fremontel, Le Fidelaire ; December 15, 16 & 17, 1972


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