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Buddy Collette - Milano Sessions (1961)

It is surprising how Buddy Collette, a mild-mannered and shy person whose personaly is refelcted in the delicate and predise characteristics of his music, became an engaging enterteiner and tireless performer once in Italy. A glence t his very full programme for the twenty-four days spent there bears this out.
After his debut at the 6th International Jazz Festival at Sanremo the evening of March 1st 1961, there were public and private concerts, performances which continued in a well-known Milan club, meetings with Italian musicians, jam sessions and recording sessions, rehearsals and more recordings. However on further consideration, more than the quantity of his work, we are struck by the efforts to give shape, at all times and in the most widely differing situations, to his general and the jazz one in particular.
In this respect his meeting with Italian jazz musicians was positive and leads to some flattering remarks. Above all Collette is considered in Italy to be one of the top American instrumentalists and his presence is an overwhelming incentive to compete and do better. However such emulation alone cannot produce successful results. There could have been more blowing sessions for example, to be set alongside those held almost daily, and the effort would have been lost in the cliché.
Giacomo Jelmini, 1961, from the booklet

Buddy Collette
The Soft Touch
(Milano Sessions, 1961)


1 Everything Happens to Me (Adair, Dennis)  4:34
2 I Forgot (Collette)  5:27
3 I Wished on the Moon (Parker, Rainger)  4:06
4 Miss Helen (Collette)  4:51
5 Orfeo Negro (Bonfa, Camus, Maria, Llenas)  2:31
6 Mounya Labeli Matatoo (Collette)  5:11
7 Skater for Mater (Collette)  3:25
8 Blues (Collette)  5:56
9 Softly As in a Morning Sunrise (Romberg, Hammerstein II)  3:26
10 That's All (Haymes, Brandt)  5:08
11 Eh Oh (Collette)  2:05
12 The Power of Winds (Collette)  2:26
13 Soft Touch (Collette)  3:55
14 Skylark (Carmichael)  4:01
15 Santa Monica (Collette)  3:21
16 Stella By Starlight (Young, Washington)  4:14


[# 1]
Duško Gojković - tp
Buddy Collette - fl
Renato Sellani - p
Franco Cerri - g
George Joyner - b
Jimmy Pratt - dr
Recorded at the Gürtler Bros Studio, Milano ; March 10, 1961
[# 2-4]
Same as above, except
Duško Gojković - tp, is out
Gianni Basso - cl & ts
Buddy Collette cl & as
Franco Cerri - g [probably, # 3 & 4]
Recorded same place as above ; March 14, 1961
[# 5 & 6]
Dino Piana - tb
Buddy Collette - fl
Renato Sellani - p
Norman Shobey - tub
Armshed Shobey - bg
Jimmy Pratt - dr
Recorded same place as above ; March 15, 1961
[# 7-12]
Buddy Collette - fl, cl & as
Gianni Basso - cl & ts
Renato Sellani - p
George Joyner - b
Jimmy Pratt - dr
Norman Shobey - perc [# 11]
Recorded same place as above ; March 20, 1961
[# 13-16]
Buddy Collette - fl
Franco Cerri - g
George Joyner - b
Jimmy Pratt - dr
Recorded same place as above ; March 24, 1961


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