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Bud Shank - Slippery When Wet

Until 1958 jazz scores in movies had been mostly confined to setting the moody backdrop for crime and delinquency. But that summer photographer-producer Bruce Brown shot a film about surfboarders cavorting in Hawaii and decided he wanted a jazz score to capture the outdoor, summery mood, full of movement and action.
He chose the Bud Shank Quartet to create the musical backdrop to the surfboarders and the waves, with Shank, alternating on alto sax and flute, fluidly confident and purposeful, mostly backed by the excellent pairing of the gifted Peacock and Flores, with Billy Bean’s guitar in support.
The music that resulted produced a fine, swinging selection of modern jazz that perfectly caught the feel of the subject.
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Bud Shank
Slippery When Wet
Original Soundtrack


1 Blues in the Surf [bonus track]  5:01
2 Mook’s Theme  4:32
3 Surf Pipers  3:32
4 The Surf and I  3:06
5 Up in Velseyland  3:23
6 Surf for Two  3:39
7 Slippery When Wet  2:36
8 Going My Wave  3:10
9 Old King Nep’s Tune  3:43
10 Walkin’ on the Water  4:42
11 Soupsville  3:34
12 Blues in the Distance [bonus track]  4:30

All tracks composed by Bud Shank


Bud Shank - as & fl
Billy Bean - g
Gary Peacock - b
Chuck Flores - dr

Recorded at World Pacific Studios, Hollywood, California ; April 18, 1959

[# 2-11] from the World Pacific album "Slippery When Wet" (ST-1265).
[# 1 & 12] are bonus tracks from the same session that were not in the original soundtrack :
'Blues in the Surf' [# 1] Taken from the Crown album "Bud Shank" (Crown CST-311).
'Blues in the Distance' [# 12] Taken from the World Pacific LP "The Blues Vol 3: Blowin' The Blues" (JWC-512 Stereo)


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