Thursday, April 27, 2017

Art Farmer - Sing Me Softly of the Blues

A sublime little set — one of Art Farmer's seminal quartet recordings from the mid 60s, and a blend of modern lyricism with an ease and economy that's hardly ever been matched again! There's a careful, measured style here that's really tremendous — one that's never too sleepy or lazy with its approach, and which almost seems to carry on the modes of expression first begun by Jimmy Giuffre in the 50s — although in completely different ways ! The group features Pete LaRoca on drums, Steve Kuhn on piano, and Steve Swallow on bass — but it's Art's effortless trumpet solos that really make the album sparkle, as they drift over the top of the album's hip original tunes, written by Carla Bley and LaRoca.
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Art Farmer
Sing Me Softly of the Blues


1 Sing Me Softly of the Blues (Bley)  6:44
2 Ad Infinitum (Bley)  6:21
3 Petite Belle* (trad.)  4:08
4 Tears (LaRoca)  5:45
5 I Waited for You (Fuller)  5:55
6 One for Majid* (LaRoca)  5:57


Art Farmer - flgh
Steve Kuhn - p
Steve Swallow - b
Pete LaRoca - dr

Recorded in New York City ; April 12* & 16, 1965



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