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'A Sleepy Session' with Barney Kessel

This CD reissue contains a sleepy trio session by guitarist Barney Kessel who teams up with bassist Kenny Napper and drummer John Marshall for a variety of current pop tunes (including Burt Bacharach's "The Look Of Love" and two Michel Legrand songs) plus a few overly relaxed standards and originals. The CD is rounded out by three bouncy numbers from 1969 that feature Kessel with a big band that includes tenor-saxophonist Teddy Edwards and pianist Jimmy Rowles. Overall the lethargic performances function best as superior background music.
Scott Yanow

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Barney Kessel
Autumn Leaves


1 Autumn Leaves (Kosma, Mercer, Prevert)  4:56
2 Corcovado (Quiet Nights) (Jobim)  3:28
3 On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever) (Lane, Lerner)  4:46
4 Aquarius (Donato)  5:06
5 You're the One for Me (Kessel)  4:17
6 The Look of Love (Bacharach, David)  4:09
7 I Will Wait for You (Demy, Gimbel, Legrand)  3:21
8 Watch What Happens (Legrand)  3:35
9 Blue Soul (Kessel)  4:06
10 Comin' Home (Kessel)  7:40
11 Shufflin' (Kessel)  3:08
12 Quail Bait (Kessel)  3:20
13 Watch the Birds Go By (Kessel)  5:17


Barney Kessel - g
Kenny Napper - b
John Marshall - dr
Jimmy Rowles - p [# 9-11]
Teddy Edwards - ts [# 9-11]

Recorded in London & Hollywood ; between October 29, 1968 & September 19, 1969

(See the complete artwork for all details)


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