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Tyree Glenn - Let's Have a Ball

A playfully swinging set from trombonist Tyree Glenn — working here in a nicely offbeat style that also includes a bit of vocals as well ! Glenn's got a great way with the muted trombone — working the end with a wah wah approach that's certainly got its roots in trad jazz, but which also comes across here with a classy swinging 50s style — thanks to strong small combo backing from Tommy Flanagan, Charlie Potter, and Jo Jones. The album should sound hokey, but it doesn't — thanks to a richly expressive style by Glenn, one that's got more than enough soul to get past the gimmicks.
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Tyree Glenn
Let's Have a Ball


1 Love For Sale (Porter)  2:35
2 Gimme A Little Kiss, Will Ya Huh ? (Turk, Smith, Pinkard)  2:14
3 Yes Sir That's My Baby (Kahn, Donaldson)  2:33
4 Angel Eyes (Brent, Dennis)  2:19
5 Like Someone In Love (Burke, Van Heusen)  2:41
6 Stairway To The Stars (Malnec, Parish, Signorelli)  2:45
7 Take Your Shoes Off Baby (And Start Walkin' Through My Mind) (Austin)  2:55
8 Yesterdays (Harbach, Kern)  2:47
9 If Winter Comes (Arkell, Tennent)  2:36
10 I've Got The World On A String (Koehler, Arlen)  2:45
11 Sometimes I'm Happy (Caesar, Youmans)  2:52
12 If I Should Lose You (Robin, Rainger)  2:34


Tyree Glenn - tb & vc [# 3, 7 & 10]
Tommy Flanagan - p
Mary Osborne - g
Tommy Potter - b
Jo Jones - dr

Recorded in New York CIty ; 1958


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