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The Straight Horn of Steve Lacy

Some of soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy's most interesting recordings are his earliest ones. After spending periods of time playing with Dixieland groups and then with Cecil Taylor (which was quite a jump), Lacy made several recordings that displayed his love of Thelonious Monk's music plus his varied experiences. On this particular set, Lacy's soprano contrasts well with Charles Davis' baritone (they are backed by bassist John Ore and drummer Roy Haynes) on three of the most difficult Monk tunes ("Introspection," "Played Twice," and "Criss Cross") plus two Cecil Taylor compositions and Charlie Parker's "Donna Lee."
Scott Yanow

Source :

The Straight Horn
Steve Lacy


1 Louise (Taylor)  5:27
2 Introspection (Monk)  5:33
3 Donna Lee (Parker)  7:54
4 Played Twice (Monk)  5:53
5 Air (Taylor)  6:40
6 Criss Cross (Monk)  5:45


Steve Lacy - ss
Charles Davis - bs
John Ore - b
Roy Haynes - dr

Recorded at Nola Penthouse Sound Studio, New York ; November 19, 1960


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