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Joe Pass & Herb Ellis - Jazz/Concord

A studio recording by the same band that recorded the live Seven Come Eleven, this recording finds Joe Pass, Herb Ellis, Ray Brown, and Jake Hanna doing a few covers and reworking some standards into new pieces ; "Worksong" becomes "Good News Blues", "Sweet Georgia Brown" becomes "Happiness is the Concord Jazz Festival" - well, it *was* recorded before their performance at the Concord Jazz Festival. Ellis and Pass support each other brilliantly ; and their soloing is off the register. Their recording of "Georgia" is the best I've ever heard — and that's saying something because I'm from Georgia where the Ray Charles' version is sacred. Excellent recording and an invaluable addition to all jazz guitar collections.
Douglas T Martin

Source :

Joe Pass
Herb Ellis


1 Look for the Silver Lining (DeSylva, Kern)  4:43
2 Shadow of Your Smile (Mandel, Webster)  2:27
3 Good News Blues (Ellis)  3:17
4 Honeysuckle Rose (Razaf, Waller)  3:04
5 Happiness Is the Concord Jazz Festival (Brown)  3:51
6 Stuffy (Hawkins)  5:03
7 Georgia on My Mind (Carmichael, Gorrell)  5:20
8 Love for Sale (Porter)  3:44
9 Bad News Blues (Ellis)  5:15


Herb Ellis - g
Joe Pass - g
Ray Brown - b
Jake Hanna - dr

Recorded at Wally Hyder Studios, Los Angeles ; September 12, 1972


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