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Jimmy Giuffre /Jim Hall Trio - Studio Recordings

Jimmy Giuffre may not have gotten his due with American audiences outside very specific kinds of jazz circles, but he was loved and respected by other musicians and the audiences of Europe and Asia. His reputation among those groups of listeners and players is well deserved for the radical, if quiet and unassuming path he walked throughout his seven-decade career. These sides, recorded between 1956 and 1959 with guitarist Jim Hall, his most symbiotic collaborator and foil, are at the heart of his reputation as a pioneer — even more so than his killer early-'60s sides (à la Free Fall) with Paul Bley and Steve Swallow. This whopping four-disc, 74-rack set on Gambit collects all the trio sides that Hall and Giuffre shared during those years for Atlantic and Capitol. Their collaborators were a stellar lot as well, whether it was Bob Brookmeyer, Ralph Pena, Ray Brown, Red Mitchell, Jim Atlas or Wilfred Middlebrooks on bass, trombone, or trumpet, and piano in some instances (Brookmeyer). Space, harmony, and an inside-out approach to melody were the focuses of these groups at all times. In addition to the studio trio sides there are seven live selections which have never been issued on CD, including a stellar and now legendary performance of "Song of the Wind." The remastering job is wonderful, spacious, warm, and very present. There are also two unaccompanied performances by Giuffre, where he electronically overdubs four sax lines on each tune as a way of looking forward to his own career in the '70s. This is a stellar collection for the hardcore Giuffre fan : to have all this material in one place, beautifully assembled and annotated, is a real treat.
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Jimmy Giuffre
Jim Hall Trio
Complete Studio Recordings


Cd. 1

1 Gotta Dance (Giuffre)  2:33
2 The Train And The River (Giuffre)  3:35
3 The Song Is You (Kern, Hammerstein II)  3:56
4 That’s The Way It Is (Giuffre)  3:49
5 Two Kinds Of Blues (Giuffre)  5:15
6 Crazy She Calls Me (Sigman, Russell)  4:18
7 My All (Giuffre)  4:13
8 Crawdad Suite (Giuffre)  7:13
9 Voodoo (Giuffre)  2:53
10 Trav’lin’ Light (Mercer, Mundy, Young)  3:58
11 The Lonely Time (Giuffre)  3:47
12 Pickin’ ‘Em Up And Layin’ ‘Em Down (Giuffre)  5:26
13 The Green Country (Giuffre)  3:01
14 The Swamp People (Giuffre)  6:24
15 Show Me The Way To Go Home (King)  4:28
16 Forty-second Street (Dubin, Warren)  6:18
17 California, Here I Come (Jolson, DeSylva, Meyer)  2:53
18 The Train And The River (Giuffre)  4:46

Cd. 2

1 Pickin’ ‘Em Up And Layin’ ‘Em Down (Giuffre)  5:46
2 The Green Country (Giuffre)  3:10
3 The Lonely Time (Giuffre)  3:57
4 Trav’lin’ Light (Mercer, Mundy, Young)  4:25
5 Forty-second Street (Dubin, Warren)  6:17
6 Show Me The Way To Go Home (King)  4:42
7 The Swamp People (Giuffre)  5:37
8 California, Here I Come (Jolson, DeSylva, Meyer)  2:42
9 I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues (Arle, Koehler)  3:27
10 Space (Giuffre)  3:34
11 Cabin In The Sky (Duke, Latouche)  2:56
12 Memphis In June (Carmichael, Webster)  3:33
13 Four Brothers (Giuffre)  3:25
14 Old Folks (Robeson, Hill)  2:25
15 Blues In The Barn (Giuffre)  4:43
16 Topsy (Durham, Battle)  11:28

Cd. 3

1 Blue Monk (Monk)  8:24
2 Western Suite (Pony Express / Apaches / Saturday Night Dance) (Giuffre)  17:48
3 Happy Man (Giuffre)  7:23
4 Princess (Giuffre)  9:23
5 Song Of The Wind (Giuffre)  5:55
6 Lovely Willow (Giuffre)  4:21
7 The Little Melody (Giuffre)  7:07
8 The Story (Giuffre)  7:29
9 Time Machine (Giuffre)  4:41
10 Pony Express (Live Version) (Giuffre)  5:27*

Cd. 4

1 Ray’s Time (Giuffre)  7:00
2 The Easy Way (Giuffre)  5:56
3 Time Enough (Giuffre)  2:41
4 Come Rain Or Come Shine (Arlen, Mercer)  4:32
5 Montage (Giuffre)  1:51
6 Mack The Knife (Weil, Brecht)  4:54
7 A Dream (Giuffre)  2:09
8 Off Center (Giuffre)  4:41
9 Careful (Hall)  6:30
10 Come Rain Or Come Shine (Arlen, Mercer)  2:10*
11 Ode To Switzerland (Giuffre)  4:46*
12 The Train And The River (Giuffre)  5:03*
13 Gotta Dance (Giuffre)  2:19*
14 Four Brothers (Giuffre)  2:40*
15 Two Kinds Of Blues (Giuffre)  4:46*
16 Song Of The Wind (Giuffre)  6:54*
17 Down Home (Giuffre)  5:34*


Jimmy Giuffre - cl, ts & bs
Jim Hall - g
on all tracks
[cd. 1, # 1-4]
Ralph Peña - b
Recorded in Los Angeles ; December 3, 1956
[cd. 1, # 5-9]
Same as above.
Recorded in Los Angeles ; December 4, 1956
[cd. 1, # 10-17]
Jim Atlas - b
Recorded in New York ; December 2, 1957
[cd. 1, # 18]
Same as above.
Recorded in December 5, 1957. Studio recording for the All Star Album The Sound of Jazz
[cd. 2, # 1-2]
Bob Brookmeyer - tb
Recorded in New York ; January 20, 1958
[cd. 2, # 3-5]
Same as above.
Recorded in New York ; January 21, 1958
[cd. 2, # 6-8]
Same as above.
Recorded in New York ; January 23, 1958
[cd. 2, # 9-15]
Bob Brookmeyer - p ; Giuffre plays four overdubbed tenor sax lines
Recorded in Lenox, Mass. ; September 1, 1958
[cd. 2, # 16 & cd. 3, #1-2]
Bob Brookmeyer - tb
Recorded in New York ; December 3, 1958
[cd. 3, # 3-9]
Red Mitchell - b
Recorded in Los Angeles ; February 23-25 & March 2, 1958
[cd. 4, # 1-9]
Ray Brown - b
Recorded in Chicago ; August 6-7, 1959

(See the complete artwork for more details about the bonus tracks* -
cd. 3, # 10 & cd. 4, # 10-17)

This outstanding 4 CD boxed set contains the complete studio trio recordings of Jimmy Giuffre and Jim Hall, including the complete original albums : The Jimmy Giuffre 3, Trav’lin’ Light, The Four Brothers Sound, Western Suite, 7 Pieces, and The Easy Way. As a bonus, 2 unaccompanied Giuffre tracks and a batch of rare live trio recordings are included, feauturing "Song Of The Wind", which appears here on cd for the first time ever! Included is a chock-a-block 24 page booklet

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