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Tjader Plays Tjazz

In a change of pace, for this recording vibraphonist Cal Tjader recorded cool-toned bop without a Latin rhythm section. Half of the ten songs (mostly jazz standards) feature Tjader switching to drums (his original instrument) in a quartet also including the obscure trombonist Bob Collins, guitarist Eddie Duran and bassist Al McKibbon. Tjader is back on vibes for the quintet selections with tenor saxophonist Brew Moore, pianist Sonny Clark, bassist Eugene Wright and drummer Bobby White. He sounds right at home in both formats and the swinging quintet numbers in particular are a good reason to search for this valuable album.
Scott Yanow

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Cal Tjader
Plays Tjazz


1 Moten Swing (Moten)  4:02
2 I've Never Been in Love Before (Loesser)  2:33
3 There Will Never Be Another You (Gordon, Warren)  5:04
4 How About You ? (Freed, Lane)  3:04
5 Jeepers Creepers (Mercer, Warren)  3:17
6 A Minor Goof (Moore)  3:56
7 My One and Only Love (Mellin, Wood)  2:47
8 Imagination (Burke, VanHeusen)  3:18
9 I'll Know (Loesser)  2:59
10 Brew's Blues (Moore)  3:29


[# 2, 4, 7 & 9] THE CAL TJADER QUARTET
Cal Tjader - dr
Bob Collins - tb
Eddie Duran - g
Al McKibbon - b
Recorded at the Marines Memorial Theater, San Francisco, California ; December 4, 1954
[Others selections] THE CAL TJADER QUINTET
Cal Tjader - vb
Brew Moore - ts
Sonny Clark - p
Eugene Wright - b
Bobby White - dr
Recorded at the Berkeley (CA) Little Theater ; June 6, 1955


Nigel said...

This looks very cool, especially the Sonny Clark / Brew Moore session. Thanks so much. I'd never have known about this record in a million years.

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Thanks for this one. Session with Eddie Duran looks not bad either... Man, you do deserve a monument!

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Thanks Mel ... not a Tjader follower but this may be more to my liking ... Baron

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Thanks for everything Mel, but in this case the file only have the first five tracks

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Thanks! Got this one because of "Brew" Moore, who has the coolest name on the planet.

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some of brew moore's best recorded work can be found here. thanks for helping to keep history alive.

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There only is one word to say: Formidable.
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Axel.T. said...

Always enjoy Cal's style and music. I was lucy enough to see him live several times, and always great sessions.
Thanks Mel for this one.

Axel.T. said...

Always enjoy Cal's style and music. I was lucy enough to see him live several times, and always great sessions.
Thanks Mel for this one.

Starchild said...

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