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Sal Salvador - A Tribute To The Greats

The idea for this album came about between Bethlehem and myself around Dec. of 1956. Discussing doing a tribute to prominent jazz artists, I mentioned this to Nat Hentoff and he suggested that as long as there had been so many tributes paid to the early jazz musicians, it might be a good idea to feature the contemporaries. There was immediate agreement on this. I realized that this would be quite a task for just four of us and that the arrangements would have quite a lot to live up to. We thought George Roumanis as the arranger. He had played bass with the group at one time and had recently done quite a lot of writing for us. When he was approached with the idea, his feeling and enthusiasm for it made it a happy thing right from the start. The next decision was a real brainteaster. Who, of the many, many people that had done so much for this music of ours, would we pick ? Which ten ? In order to pay tribute to all the greats that I feel deserve it, I'd have to make quite a number of albums indeed ! The only fair thing to do was to pick them at random and try to complete the series later on. We tried to pick tunes that are associated with the "tributees". These were discussed with everyone involved, record company, arranger the guys in the group and myself. We did not try to copy the original arrangement, but just to retain some of the flavor. Now to present the tune...
Sal Salvador, original liner notes from the booklet

Sal Salvador
A Tribute To The Greats


1 Artistry In Rhythm (Kenton)  3:10
2 Taps Miller (Basie, Russell)  4:09
3 Prelude To A Kiss (Ellington)  3:58
4 Walking Shoes (Mulligan)  3:54
5 Solos For Guitar (Roumanis)  3:27
6 Four Brothers (Giuffre, Herman)  3:24
7 In Your Own Sweet Way (Brubeck)  2:59
8 Ruby, My Dear (Monk)  3:25
9 Manteca (Gillespie)  2:55
10 Cool Eyes (Silver)  2:54
11 Yardbird Suite (Parker)  3:57


Sal Salvador - g
Eddie Costa - p & vb
Sonny Dallas - b
Ronnie Free - dr

Recorded in New York City ; June 3-5, 1957

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