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Project G-7 - Tribute to Wes Montgomery (vol. 1)

The first of a two-volume set dedicated to the memory of guitar great Wes Montgomery offers an excellent stylistic contrast between those who were influenced by Montgomery's jazzy side and those who absorbed the lyrical/sentimental aspect. Kenny Burrell, Rodney Jones, and Ted Dunbar epitomize the slashing, hard-riffing approach, while Gene Gertoncini, Jack Wilkins, and William Ash are the romanticists, and Kevin Eubanks comes off somewhere in the middle. The differences in touch, phrasing, sound, mood, and pacing over the nine songs is fascinating ; hearing the voicings between the interacting players and their adjustments to each other offers guitar fans in particular a rare chance to hear seven masters in operation on the same project.
Ron Wynn

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Project G-7
Tribute to Wes Montgomery
(vol. 1)


1 Impressions (Coltrane)  4:18
2 Remembering Wes (Burrell)  6:50
3 Grooveyard (Perkins)  4:46
4 Canadian Sunset (Gimbel, Heywood)  5:54
5 Fried Pies (Montgomery)  5:37
6 Road Song (Montgomery)  5:25
7 Come Rain or Come Shine (Arlen, Mercer)  5:00
8 Serena (Jones)  5:43
9 Yesterdays (Harbach, Kern)  7:56


Kenny Burrell - g [# 2 & 9]
Gene Bertoncini - g [# 3, 4 & 9]
Ted Dunbar - g [# 5 & 9]
Kevin Eubanks - g [# 1, 4 & 5]
Rodney Jones - g [# 8 & 9]
Jack Wilkins - g [# 4, 7 & 9]
William Ash - g [# 6]
Rudus Reid - b
Akira Tana - dr

Recorded at Eastside Sound, New York ; March 11 & 12 ; & April 2, 1992


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