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Kenny Burrell (Prestige 7088)

Guitarist Kenny Burrell, 25 at the time, is heard during one of his earlier sessions playing in his already recognizable straight-ahead style with a quintet that also features the underrated baritonist Cecil Payne, pianist Tommy Flanagan, bassist Doug Watkins and drummer Elvin Jones. This album is a bit brief in time (just over 36 minutes) but contains plenty of fine swinging on tunes such as "Don't Cry Baby," "Drum Boogie," "All of You" and Bud Powell's "Strictly Confidential." It's enjoyable music.
Scott Yanow

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Kenny Burrell
Kenny Burrell


1 Don't Cry Baby (Bernie, Johnson, Unger)  8:20
2 Drum Boogie (Eldridge, Krupa)  9:14
3 Strictly Confidential (Powell)  6:25
4 All of You (Porter)  6:17
5 Perception (Green)  6:05


Kenny Burrell - g
Cecil Payne - bs [except # 4]
Tommy Flanagan - p
Doug Watkins - b
Elvin Jones - dr

Recorded in Hackensack, New Jersey ; February 1, 1957


reindeer man said...

I had this record as a re-release called Blue Moods, though no apparant differences other than the title change. Great stuff, and Cecil Payne's bari sax is quite nice. Don't have anything of him as a leader; should look into it. Would love to hear some!

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brilliant lineup!

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