Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Joe Diorio - It's About Time

Recorded live in the studio, It's About Time features guitar legend Joe Diorio in all his splendor. Joe has long been known throughout the jazz world as one of the true innovators and masters of jazz guitar. With the tape running non-stop for two full days, all the musicians in close proximity, no over dubs, and NO rehearsal, the results are nothing less than stunning. Joe Diorio lays it all out there for us to hear ; his beautiful and sensitive touch, his incredible chord voicings, unbelievable chops, very deep melodic development, and of course, a swing feel to die for. As Joe told us, "It's All About Time."
Joe is supported in this session by drummer Dom Moio and bassist Jim Stinnett. In recent years, Dom and Jim have developed a groove and rapport that borders on magic. With very sensitive ears, this magic brought out the best in Joe.
Joined by long time friends and students Bill Moio and then Sid Jacobs, the trio becomes a quartet, and finally a trio again featuring the three outstanding guitarists.
The love for music and power of a soul displayed on this recording is a testament to Joe Diorio's legacy. Joe's influence on all who hear his playing is profound and long-lasting.

Source : http://www.stinnettmusicbookstore.com/stinnett_music_book_store/its_about_time.html

Joe Diorio
It's About Time


1 Solar (Davis) 
2 My Funny Valentine (Rogers, Hart)  5:38
3 All Of You (Porter)  9:17
4 Unchanged Rhythm (Stinnett, Louke)  10:25
5 Bye Bye Blackbird (Dixon, Henderson)  10:24
6 Stella By Starlight (Young, Washington)  9:59


Joe Diorio - g
Sid Jacobs - g
Bill Moio - g
Jim Stinnett - b
Dom Moio - dr

Recorded in 2005


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