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Herbie Mann - Brazil, Bossa Nova & Blues

This gentle and warm blend of jazz and bossa nova was inspired by flautist Herbie Mann’s 1961 Brazilian tour. A well-chosen, simpatico group invests these attractive compositions with warmth while slipping deftly into the blend of relaxation and lyricism the idiom calls for.
As leader, Mann generally takes on the theme statements, but his unpretentious — yet always melodic — playing works well in this context. A major benefit to the sessions is Billy Bean, a superb guitarist with a great gift for improvisation, whose versatility adds considerably more orchestral colour and texture to Mann’s group. Vibist Haygood Hardy’s rhythmically sinuous and serpentine solos are also consistently well constructed, while the rhythm section, which carries the soloists along irresistibly, yet always with restraint, is one of the best Mann ever had.

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Herbie Mann
Brazil, Bossa Nova & Blues


1 Brazil (Barroso)  4:35
2 Copacabana (Mann)  6:54
3 Minha de Saudade (Gilberto, Donato)  5:13
4 B.N. Blues (Mann)  2:52
5 One Note Samba (Jobim, Mendonça)  4:29
6 Me Faz Recordar (Salter)  7:58


Herbie Mann - fl
Haygood Hardy - vb
Dave Pike - mrmb
Billy Bean - g
Bill Salter - b
Carlos (Patato) Valdez - cng
Willie Bobo - dr
Carmen Costa - mrcs
Jose De Paula - tmbr

Recorded in New York City ; early 1962


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