Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dave Pike - Peak's Pike

Beautiful beautiful early work from Dave Pike (a cascading array of vibes and piano) stretched out over some longer tracks that skip with a lyrical and modal groove throughout! Dave's working here with a group that includes Bill Evans on piano, Herbie Lewis on bass, and Walter Perkins on drums — and although his style is a bit more restrained than on his later funk albums, it also proves to be a wonderful match for the fluid colors of Evans' work on piano — as well as Perkins' light and playful work on the drum kit. There's a simplicity here that's really great — not as "over your head" as the Dave Pike Set of later years, and with a gentle grace that shows what a keenly mature player Pike was, even at this early age.
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Dave Pike
Pike's Peak


1 Why Not (Pike)  6:44
2 In A Sentimental Mood (Ellington)  6:29
3 Vierd Blues (Davis)  5:56
4 Besame Mucho (Velázquez, Granados)  6:51
5 Wild is The Wind (Tiomkine, Washington)  9:31


Dave Pike - vb
Bill Evans - p
Herbie Lewis - b
Walter Perkins - dr

Recorded  in New York City ; February 6 [# 3 & 5] & February 8 [# 1, 2 & 4], 1962


Len said...

Brilliant post, many thanks

Big Papi said...

With hard bop being the only music there is, this blog is absolute nirvana. Thank you so much for sharing such classic music with those of us who love this genre. Thank you does not fully convey my appreciation.

portraitinjazz said...

Again amazing...as usual. The dopest jazz music blog out there. Period.

Thank you so much for all this wonderful music!

FrankDell said...

Just picked this one up. Produced by the late great Mike Berniker. Mucho merci.

woolfnotes said...

With Pike's passing this one surely deserves a fresh airing. I love hearing Bill Evans in an accompanying role. The Eddie Costa "Guys & Dolls" is another good example

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Very special thanks Mel!!
I have this album but...Thank you.

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Great album. Thanks Mel.

Danny Lee said...

Jazz newbie here.
Is it normal to have a background vocal mimicking the vib part?
To be frank, it is quite annoying.. because it's mostly out of tune
Can anyone give me an explanation of this?

Axel.T. said...

Great album.
I have always liked Dave's music.

Kovina Kris said...

Another nice upgrade. Thank you!

Starchild said...

Many thanks Mel!