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Clark Terry - What Makes Sammy Swing ?

First published in 1941, What Makes Sammy Run ? was originally a novel by Budd Schulberg. It is a rags to riches story chronicling the rise and fall of Sammy Glick, a Jewish boy born in New York's Lower East Side who makes up his mind early in life to escape the ghetto and climb the ladder of success. It was later made into a successful Broadway show with music by Ervin Drake and in 1963, Clark Terry and an all-star group of musicians were called to make a record with jazz versions of some of the musicals songs, with arrangements by Pat Williams.
As Clark Terry himself was quoted on the original liner notes, none of the musicians had the least knowledge about the music or the arrangements before entering the studio. The results, however, are highly interesting as they present a distinguished septet reacting to unfamiliar music. Clark Terry, as usual, alternates between trumpet and flugelhorn, while Seldon Powell switches between tenor sax, baritone sax and bass clarinet.
The most unusual element of these recordings, however, is hearing Phil Woods soloing on clarinet and flute.
The bonus album, Paris 1960, comprises three 1960 small group sessions recorded in France featuring Quentin Jackson (singing on two tracks) and French pianist Martial Solal.

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Clark Terry
What Makes Sammy Swing ?


1 A Room Without Windows (Drake)  2:38
2 You're No Good (Drake)  3:26
3 My Home Town (Drake)  2:36
4 A New Pair of Shoes (Drake)  2:22
5 The Friendliest Thing (Drake)  3:17
6 Humble (Drake)  3:07
7 Maybe Some Other Time (Drake)  2:57
8 Something to Live For (Drake)  4:06
9 Bachelor Gal (Drake)  2:23
10 Some Days Everything Goes Wrong (Drake)  3:31
11 No Problem (Jordan)  5:09
12 Don't Ever Leave Me (Jones)  2:50
13 Et tu me regardes [And You Look at Me)] (Holmes)  2:30
14 In A Mellow Tone (Ellington)  2:28
15 Don't Worry About Me (Bloom, Koehler)  3:16
16 Ol' Zulu (Jackson)  2:15
17 Travelin' All ALone (Johnson)  3:33
18 Clark's Blues (Solal)  3:08
19 Char à voile (Solal)  1:54
20 Radio Terry (Solal)  0:59
21 Dancing (Solal)  2:49
22 Pin-Up (Solal)  2:27


[# 1-10]
Clark Terry - tp & flgh
Phil Woods - as, cl & fl
Urbie Green - tb
Seldon Powell - ts, bs & cl
Dave McKenna - p
George Duvivier - b
Mel Lewis - dr
Recorded in New York ; August, 1963
[# 11-13]
Clark Terry - tp
Eric Dixon - fl & ts
Art Simmons - p
Elek Bacsik - g
Michel Gaudry - b
Kenny Clarke - dr
Billie Poole - vc [# 12 only... thankfully !]
Recorded at Studio Thorens, Paris ; January, 1960
[# 14-17]
Same as above, except
Quentin Jackson - tb & vcl [# 15 & 17] is added
Recorded same place as above ; February, 1960
[# 18-22]
Clark Terry - tp
Fernand Verstraete - tp
Charles Vestraete - tb
Pierre Gossez - as & bs
Martial Solal - p
Benoit Quersin - b
Armand Molinetti - dr
Recorded at Studios Pathé-Marconi, Paris ; April 17, 1960


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