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Clark Terry & Bob Brookmeyer's Complete live Recordings (1962-1965)

One of my favourite albums is The Power of Positive Swinging, a 1965 LP featuring a quintet led by Clark Terry and Bob Brookmeyer. They formed the group in 1961, when Brookmeyer was asked to assemble a band to play at the Half Note club in New York. Bob wanted to use Clark Terry, but Clarks contract with NBC forbade him to play outside engagements unless he was the leader, so the quintet was formed with his name first. Brookmeyer wouldnt have minded, because he and Terry were close friends, as their playing on these sessions reflects.
Their instruments combine mellifluously together, and their styles were similar. Both men could play quietly and smoothly as well as more powerfully with the occasional growl, and they could both (especially Clark) bend notes as if there was a glissando button on their instruments. They also shared a sense of humour, which may be detected in the curves of "Just An Old Manuscript". On this track Terry plays a duet with himself, andIncoherent Blues is very like Clarks famous Mumbles parody of the blues. He even adds a comical vocal to the second version of "Things Aint What They Used To Be", with bluesy lyrics of his own devising.
These live recordings date from 1962 and 1965, and all were recorded at the Half Note, except for tracks 5 to 11 on the first CD which come from a Jazz 625 programme recorded by the BBC in London with a local rhythm section. The London tracks disprove the ancient belief that British rhythm sections of the period couldnt swing, although a few of Allan Ganleys drum breaks are awkward.
The quintets repertoire was a tasty mixture of jazz standards and originals by Terry or Brookmeyer. "Stolen Moments" is a good example of what the sleeve-note calls Clark Terrys characteristic dancing figures, which make a neat contrast to Brookmeyers more earthy improvising.
I marginally prefer the second of the two CDs because it uses a more adventurous rhythm section : the same one as that on The Power of Positive Swinging. It is interesting to compare the version of "Straight, No Chaser" here with the interpretation on the first CD, which illustrate the groups adaptability. The second one is almost twice as long as the first. While the first one ends with a series of staccato notes, the second one begins with these. Roger Kellaways piano is consistently fascinating but here he excels himself, while Bill Crow and Dave Bailey keep things moving.
The recording quality varies throughout the various sessions, with the sound sometimes muddy or mingled with audience chatter. But the musicianship is continuously first-class."
Tony Augarde

Source :

Clark Terry
Bob Brookmeyer
Complete Live Recordings


cd. 1

1 Simple Waltz (Terry)  10:00
2 Things Aint What They Used to Be (Mercer Ellington)  8:32
3 Just an Old Manuscript (Redman-Razaf)  10:14
4 Stolen Moments (Nelson)  9:20
5 Hymn (Parker)  0:37
6 Straight, No Chaser (Monk)  6:00
7 Pretty Girl (Brookmeyer)  3:55
8 Hum (Brookmeyer)  5:52
9 Things Aint What They Used to Be (Mercer Ellington)  6:03
10 Tete-a-Tete (Terry)  5:46
11 Hymn (Parker)  0:58


cd. 2

1 Sometime Ago (Brookmeyer)  6:31
2 Incoherent Blues (Terry)  5:47
3 Straight, No Chaser (Monk)  11:10
4 Weep (McFarland)  7:40
5 Hum (Brookmeyer)  5:57
6 Pretty Girl (Brookmeyer)  7:19
7 On the Alamo (Jones-Kahn)  10:45
8 The King (Basie)  7:15


[Cd. 1, # 1-4]
Clark Terry - tp & flh
Bob Brookmeyer - tb
Eddie Costa - p
Joe Benjamin - b
Osie Johnson - dr
Recorded live at the Half Note, New York ; 1962
[Cd. 1, # 5-11]
Clark Terry - tp, flh & vcl
Bob Brookmeyer - tb
Laurie Holloway - p
Rick Laird - b
Allan Ganley - dr
Recorded live at the BBC, Jazz 625, London ; February 1965
[Cd. 2]
Clark Terry - tp, flh & vcl [# 1-6]
Zoot Sims - ts [# 7-8]
Bob Brookmeyer - tb
Roger Kellaway - p
Bill Crow - b
Dave Bailey - dr
Recorded live at the Half Note, New York ; December 3 [# 1-2], 10 [# 3-4], June 18 [# 5-6], & November 26 [# 7-8], 1965


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