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Teddy Wilson & Gerry Mulligan - At Newport

Although in 1957 some listeners considered swing and cool jazz to be at the extreme poles of the jazz world, this LP, recorded at that year's Newport Jazz Festival, shows just how similar the two idioms were. The Teddy Wilson Trio (with bassist Milt Hinton and drummer Specs Powell) plays lightly swinging versions of four swing era standards and welcomes baritonist Gerry Mulligan to sit in on a spirited rendition of "Sweet Georgia Brown," and then Jeru's quartet (with trombonist Bob Brookmeyer, bassist Joe Benjamin, and drummer Dave Bailey) plays cooly exciting versions of "My Funny Valentine" and "Utter Chaos"; one could easily imagine Wilson helping out on those two songs. Strangely enough, this LP reissue of the original set also contains three standards by the Don Elliott Quartet with pianist Bill Evans, but never lists the full personnel (mellophonist Elliott, bassist Ernie Furtado, and drummer Al Beldini) or acknowledges the music in the liner notes. Worth acquiring anyway.
Scott Yanow

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Teddy Wilson
Gerry Mulligan
At Newport


1 Stompin' At The Savoy (Razaf, Goodman, Sampson, Webb)  4:36
2 Airmail Special (Goodman, Mundy, Christian)  3:47
3 Basin Street Blues (Williams)  5:07
4 I Got Rhythm (Gershwin, Gershwin)  4:21
5 Sweet Georgia Brown (Pinkard, Bernie, Casey)  7:37
6 My Funny Valentine (Hart, Rodgers)  5:16
7 Utter Chaos (Mulligan)  4:43
8 Dancing in the Dark (Schwartz, Dietz)  6:22
9 I Love You (Porter)  4:30
10 'S Wonderful (Parish, Smith, Wells)  5:13


[# 1-5]
Teddy Wilson - p
Milt Hinton - b
Specs Powell - dr
Gerry Mulligan - bs [added on # 5]
[# 6-7]
Gerry Mulligan - b
Bob Brookmeyer - tb
Joe Benjamin - b
Dave Bailey - dr
[# 8-10]
Don Elliott - mel, vb & bng
Bill Evans - p
Ernie Furtado - b
Al Beldini - dr

Recorded in performance at the Newport Jazz Festival, Newport (Rhode Island) ; July 6, 1957


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Strange issue...the Mulligan set is incomplete and replaced with Don Elliott

Melanchthon said...

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BTW Christian's Genius of Electic Guitar is still avaiable here

DEEP said...

These are missing:

8 Dancing in the Dark (Schwartz, Dietz) 6:22
9 I Love You (Porter) 4:30
10 'S Wonderful (Parish, Smith, Wel

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I confirm this record is complete (1 to 10 + artworks).

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Granted there are 10 tracks but 8-10 are Don Elliott and 8-10 should be
Mulligan but these Mulligan tracks are NOT included:
8 Dancing in the Dark (Schwartz, Dietz) 6:22
9 I Love You (Porter) 4:30
10 'S Wonderful (Parish, Smith, Wells) 5:13

Mulligan's set ends with Utter Chaos and then Elliott's set begins.
There should be 13 tracks if Mulligan's set is complete with Elliot's set being a bonus. You can't just count track numbers...sometimes it pays to actually listen to the music.

Historicus said...

@DEEP: as you see MEL and the japanese booklet of this CD stated:
[# 8-10]
Don Elliott - mel, vb & bng
Bill Evans - p
Ernie Furtado - b
Al Beldini - dr

I can't understand where is the problem? Nobody spoke about 13 G.Mulligan's trucks.

DEEP said...

All I can tell you is that these three tunes are listed on the back of the Japanese cover and they are not on the download.
8 Dancing in the Dark (Schwartz, Dietz) 6:22
9 I Love You (Porter) 4:30
10 'S Wonderful (Parish, Smith, Wells) 5:13

These are well known and easily recognizable songs so listen to the last three tracks 8-10 and tell me if they are what you're hearing.

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