Friday, January 27, 2017

Sonny Stitt Goes Latin

Sonny Stitt goes Latin and the results are tremendous ! The set's still got all the soulful feel of the best Stitt sessions for Roost, but it brings in some nice Latin rhythms too — inflecting things with that blend of soul jazz and congas you might find over at Prestige or Blue Note, yet also taking things further, too — given the Roost/Roulette connection to the New York Latin scene ! Sonny plays both alto and tenor, and gets jazzy accompaniment from Thad Jones on trumpet – but the rhythm section is the real charmer here — and features a young Chick Corea on piano, Larry Gales on bass, and the trio of Willie Bobo, Patato Valdes, and Chihuaua Martinez on percussion! Most tunes are originals — a great change from the usual Latinized standards you might find on a set like this — and Stitt's got this nicely exotic tone in his reeds which is a further highlight of the record — almost a Yusef Lateef inflection at points.
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Sonny Stitt
Goes Latin


1 Are You Listening ? (Stitt)  3:34
2 Amigos (Stitt)  4:39
3 My Little Red Suede Shoes (Parker)  4:07
4 Ritmo Bobo (Stitt)  6:09
5 I Told You So (Stitt)  5:22
6 Chic (Stitt)  5:17
7 Senor Jones (Stitt)  5:14
8 Autumn Leaves (Mercer, Prévert, Kosma)  5:15


Thad Jones - tp
Sonny Stitt - as & ts [# 5, 7 & 8]
Chick Corea - p
Larry Gales - b
Willie Bobo - dr
Carlos "Patato" Valdes - cng & bng
Osvaldo "Chihuana" Martinez - cbll, mrcs & jawbn

Recorded in New York City ; November 6, 1963


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Georges Chevon said...

a very great thank Mel. It was very difficult to get this one. I own it in old vinyl.

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Mike said...

Melanchthon, as you know, I continually bow down to you and your extraordinary generosity, excellent taste and remarkable perseverance... however, this particular Stitt outing is well below Stitt's usual high standard, mainly, as I hear it, providing free space for conga drummers and middling inspiration. No criticism to you, whom I revere, but perhaps to the prolific Stitt, whose vast output does occasionally waver toward the bland.

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