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Joe Henderson - In 'N Out

This album is part of two great series of recordings on the Blue Note label — those with Joe Henderson as leader, and those on which Henderson performs in the company of Kenny Dorham. The trumpeter, whose own career with the label dates back to the 1947 Art Blakey (pre-Jazz Messengers) session, and who released his first Blue Note album as a leader (Afro-Cuban) in the closing days of the ten-inch LP era, had been Henderson’s mentor/sponsor when the saxophonist first arrived in New York. It was Dorham who brought the saxophonist to Alfred Lion’s attention, gave Henderson his first recording opportunity (on Dorham’s Una Mas), and not only played on but also wrote the notes for Henderson’s debut as a leader, Page One. ln a period of 18 months, Henderson and Dorham cut five quintet albums under one or the other’s name, of which this is the fourth, and also appeared together on Andrew Hill’s Point of Departure, recorded three weeks before this album ; yet they continued to work together in a cooperative quintet, and to colead a rehearsal big band, for at least two years more...
The album’s true compositional gems, and its most covered titles, are Henderson’s remaining two contributions. “Punjab” is a kaleidoscope of moods over an unusual 18-bar structure that can be broken down as 6-4-8, and that is retained throughout the solos. “Serenity,” which has become a true standard on the order of the saxophonist’s “Recorda Me” and “lnner Urge” in recent years, sounds like something that Benny Golson might have created. It begins like a blues, and then meanders into a different direction, ending up as a 14-bar chorus that again is preserved for the improvising. While covers of both tunes are too numerous to mention, it is worth noting that Jones recorded both again on the same 1968 Pepper Adams date, Encounter ! (available on a Fantasy/OJC reissue), where Adams is paired with Zoot Sims.      
Bob Blumenthal, from the booklet (2003)

Joe Henderson
In 'N Out


1 In 'N Out (Henderson)  10:21
2 Punjab (Henderson)  9:05
3 Serenity (Henderson)  6:13
4 Short Story (Dorham)  7:08
5 Brown's Town (Dorham)  6:20
6 In 'N Out [alt. take] (Henderson)  9:50


Joe Henderson - ts
Kenny Dorham - tp
McCoy Tyner - p
Richard Davis - b
Elvin Jones - dr

Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey ; April 10, 1964


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