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Edmond Hall - Flyin' High

A pair of formerly very rare LPs are reissued on this CD that features the distinctive clarinetist Edmond Hall. The last eight selections are chosen from the dozen originally issued by the New Hampshire Library of Traditional Jazz, taken from a 1949 radio broadcast. Teamed with trumpeter Johnny Windhurst and trombonist Vic Dickenson in a sextet, Hall not only performs Dixieland and swing standards but offbeat choices in "Robbins Nest," Duke Ellington's "Jack the Bear," and Mary Lou Williams' "Lonely Moments." Dickenson on "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny" is a particular delight, as is the largely forgotten but talented Windhurst, who recalls Bobby Hackett in spots. The first ten numbers, a reissue of the very obscure LP Rumpus on Rampart Street (put out by the long defunct Rae-Cox label) has Hall in the spotlight, whether with a quintet or a septet with background harmonies provided by fellow clarinetists Omer Simeon and Herbert Hall (Edmond's brother). Although it is a pity that the three clarinetists never get to trade off, Edmond Hall is heard throughout in excellent form, performing seven of his standards (a few deserve to be revived), "Lover," "Hallelujah," and Charlie Shavers' atmospheric "Dawn on the Desert." Recommended.
Scott Yanow

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Edmond Hall
Flyin' High


1 Rumpus on Rampart Street (Hall)  3:04
2 Neighbors (Hall)  2:42
3 Rose in Her Window (Hall)  3:11
4 Flyin' High (Hall)  3:34
5 African Tempo (Hall)  2:24
6 Swingin' (Hall)  2:44
7 Hallelujah (Youmans, Robin, Grey)  2:45
8 Dawn on the Desert (Shavers)  2:44
9 Lover (Rodgers, Hart)  4:16
10 African Fu-Fu (Hall)  3:59
11 Singin' the Blues (Robinson, Conrad)  6:54
12 Carry me back to Old Virginny (Bland)  3:36
13 Robbins Nest (Thompson, Jacquet)  4:42
14 St. Louis Blues (Handy)  5:06
15 Jack the Bear (Ellington)  3:30
16 Lonely Moments (Williams)  3:24
17 I Get the Blues when it Rains (Stoddard, Klauber)  5:42
18 Panama (Tyers, Sigman)  5:13


[# 1-10]
Edmond Hall - cl
Omer Simeon - cl
Herbert Hall - cl
Jimmy Raney - g
Dick Vary - p
Al Hall - b
Jimmy Crawford - dr
Recorded at Nola Penthouse Studio, New York ; June 25/26, 1959
[# 11-18]
Johnny Windhurst - tp
Edmond Hall - cl
Vic Dickenson - tb
Kenny Kersey - p
John Field - b
Jimmy Crawford - dr
Recorded at Savoy Café, Boston (WMEX radio broadcast) ; May 1949


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